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So… Waven?!?

By Jenarall#2514 - MEMBER - October 29, 2021, 21:59:26

I just redownloaded  Wakfu (well the Ankama Launcher) and I was able to download and start Waven, it was not in English but from what I saw it looked very promising. At this point of me asking this question can it be confirmed as to when the game will be translated and would be available to play for the English/International community?

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This forum is dedicated to the game Wakfu, there is a separate forum for Waven in French, but in modern times you can read it with a translator without any problems.
It would be better if you ask there, because the game dev for Waven is on another forum.
Have a nice game o/ 

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The waven will be in english once it reaches the beta stage, from what I heard, due to the content constantly changing in the alpha stages, it jsut isn't worth translaing the whole thing each alpha.

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Hello there,

For Waven related inquires, you can visit the Waven forums here.

Thank you ^^

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This is something minor, but since there IS a Waven forum now, it would be fitting to link it on Waven's homepage "Forum" button which is still innactive.

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