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Is this game like mostly dead?

By Roxib - MEMBER - September 02, 2019, 08:21:45

even the forums are a bit daft, like only ghosts dwell here

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not realy . nox is a bit empty but it can be lively if u log on in the right time . the forums are fairly active but lately it have been flooded with generic complains about the enchantement system .if ur still new try rem its far more lively

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This game with all its amazing potential was definitely dying before they made it way smaller and removed 60% of the creatures to accommodate the dying. 

Nox Dead besides end-endgame players.

The only real way I see the game surviving is if they revert everything back to open beta layout Minus the leveling spells individually by xp/use... or just let it keep bleeding out. x.x

We got the oldschool dofus on mobile, now if we could just get the good version 2012-13 wakfu back.  I'd take a flooded duped glitched server with actual people to play with over none at all.

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