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A Nod of God.

By Roxib#1237 - MEMBER - August 19, 2019, 14:36:51
Just a very deep weird thing i wrote. wanted to share a few of my thoughts i guess. 
its weird

Monday, August 19 2019.
-A Nod of God-

Deja Vu, the proof of evidential written existence. 
In our dreams, we witness that we have no actual freedom.
It is there, we see that life is scripted, dreams are the cage, life as well.
Every moment of our existence, we strive in reasoning.
A set of rules, and thoughts, that make up what we are. 
Nothing but machines, living out lives, in a rhythm, that is scripted.
We are slaves to life, only able to set ourselves free in suicide.
We die, when we are allowed, for our deaths are written.
And suicide, the taboo, may be the only clause to this prison.
You either bow to a man, you bow to the dollar, or you bow to a God.
If you choose to look away, you are evil, you are insane, and you are judged.
Not just by the evil that hooks its claws into the minds of men.
But by the evil, that created us in the first place.
Nothing but pawns, for the demons that feed off of our suffering.
For it was darkness that came first.
And light that plagued reality. Showing forth what really is.
Light shines down upon the sickness, showing what disgusting horrors live in us.
Every one of us, a demon, from the darkness, pretending to be kind, just, nice.
All saying we are faithful, when it is fear, alone, of damnation, that keeps us in line.
Those who give in to the darkness, the evil, the lewd, shrewd, disgusting ways.
Are admonished, but seem to walk freely, until the light comes upon them.
God never once, intervenes, in the wicked evil they commit.
It is man, that stops them. Man that sees them. Man that judges them.
As always though, under a false notion, the banner of God.
There it is that becomes the words, that create religions, we live in.
We cling to word, follow word, become word, that is written, known, shared.
The three, the math, the logic, the emotion. 
Life itself, a disaster of chaos, that beckons order.
But not by Gods hand, but by men, claiming to be or know God.
There is their words, the law, that builds society, but leads to the cycle, coming always.
The destruction of the youth, their respect, their loyalty, honor, love.
Diswaying inside, to choose their own life, own rules, own style.
It is this, difference, indifference, that makes them fall away, over and over.
Falling away to their own paths in life, to become what they themselves create.
From our minds, our hearts, our souls, imagination.
A light, in the shadow. a shadow in the light. the balance is there.
But we make the choices, and soon learn, with Deja Vu. we never made any at all.
For if the universe, is written, then all things fall where we were instructed to go.
Every path we take, already there, every thought, influenced.
What really is reality, if we never had any freedom, any real decisions.
If all things that are, already were, and always had been.
Is life just there to be lived, experienced, over and over. forever.
No matter how painful, how miserable, terrifying and terrible it is.
Eternity is the fear we really see.
For the darkness comes, and takes everything away that is.
The end, the beginning, the middle. Good evil and the in between.
Trinity, three, over and over. 3 6 9. strange how things align.
We are nothing but shells, like boxes, that are piloted from something in everything.
It takes all of time, for us to be, and all of us, to perceive. 
All eyes upon us, upon each other, living, breathing, being, Me.
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