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Battlefield PvP is the most corrupt thing...

By -Flynt- - MEMBER - August 17, 2019, 20:59:42


Before you read this, please note that I may get some things wrong. If i do, please correct me.

I’ve been playing Wakfu for about a month now, and recently started doing battlefields. Im a lvl 108, and i also have a lvl 80 build with good lvl 80 gear. I’ve noticed the ridiculous amount of corruption going on during battlefields, as lvl 80 players with almost 1k resist and 600 mastery destroy me, with stats that seem way top high for lvl 80. There is a clear sign that people are paying, or grinding for months at a time, to try-hard the battlefields to the points that an average player cant even manage to get a C rank.

This is a huge problem with the playerbase. The people the waste their lives/money sweating a lvl 80 battlefield with lvl 150 stats with their sweat-boxes that they team up with should NOT be polluting low level things. Its a problem, and it needs fixing.

I want to hear what some other people on this forum think about this. Please, no matter where you stand on this topic, or who you are, write your thoughts. I would love to hear them.

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When u enter the battleground players who are scaled to maximum lvl of battleground. So if u're entering bg lvl 80, everyone who have higher lvl then that will have lvl dropped to the max lvl of that range. So there is no option that somebody used 150 statistic page in 80lvl battleground.

Might be the case that u just don't have as good build as u think u have, did u asked other players how they are building? Did u used builders to make a deck and optimize your stats as much as possible? Some ppl are really dedicated in that and spend their time to make their gear best and I dont see whats the reason to insult them? Like personaly Im into 200lvl shid but if someone want to specialize in other range whats the problem?

1.64 update that introduced slots in gear and new enchanting mechanic that help u get additional stats and effects, if u're not aware of that mb that's a case why other are stronger.

Or mb u're not playing the right class for these lvls? Everyone knows that Sram win almost every duel on 80 lvl bgs due to broken selfheal mechanic that doesnt scale properly but sadly despite of ppl mentioning it hunderts of times nothing is done with that? Or mb u face a lot of osamodas with imba rat summon that deal more dmg then u would expected on that 80 lvl range?

Mb you're not aware of battleground sets that gives bonuses depending how many pices of eq from set u have?

And to sum up afterall u should expected ppl will fight on battlegrounds to secure lands, bonuses, orbs, exp and chests. There is no need to be angry, like if they can kill u they will to gain profits. And acctually however unfair it looks for you thay have right to do it. It's pvp zone afterall, they wont leave u to score points for your nation just bc u're not well geared or dont reach cap of lvl range.

I wish u good luck, try to theorycrafting in builders, ask around on opinions and builds. U can do many to improve your chances.


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Hey Percy,

I thank you a lot for your help. It may be worth noting that a few things i wrote were not understood in the right way.

I understand all players are scaled to the right level, but some of the stats on these supposed ‘level 80’ builds match the stats of an average lvl 150 player. Is the battlefield gear really that impressive that it can make you brokenly overpowered? I have a set for lvl 80 fully enchated with shards and it seems impossible to compete regardless. My build is a well thought-out one. If so, that still leaves the battlefields fairly corrupted. Its almost impossible to get battlefield gear to drop when you can physically achieve higher than a D-Class.

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