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Ancient Dirty Laundry

By lyricalglitchen - MEMBER - April 30, 2019, 00:40:30

Most of these people are gone now, so im going to air things out. Or at least attempt to.This game revolves in part due to a bunch of liars, from a group of roleplayers, that share accounts, that also have a history of cheating. I landed right in the middle of it but i ended up being just as bad in order to survive. Not my way. For anything i did along the way i am sorry. I used to be protected...things change. I did try to sort things out when i clearly shouldnt have. And trying only made things worse. I didnt try until my husband died and at some point the word got out that he had. Prior to that i was left alone. All hell broke loose after that. While im not a troll i was surrounded by them. I ran from someone here never could stand them, pushy, controlling, domineering, if you didnt do what they wanted you were punished for it repeatedly. Obey or else.
Zack, Nick, Paul, Pat, i at least know existed, the rest im not naming off because i never had confirmation they were real. Thank you all for making things a disaster, although some of you did mean well. Zack you should of taken the help, Nick you were right, Paul you are an ass but you didnt steal anything, pat youre beyond words and not in a good way. As for the rest people interfered left and right but i didnt actually talk to them as a person. The rest i either need more information on or i am protecting you.

Various things were said repeatedly but the only one i know to be true is," i have a girlfreind now and things are much better now"...this one was true. Its why i tried. 

Glitz: There was a time we were thick as thieves. But you had a habit of holding grudges for the stupidest things. You had no one for a long time, everyone avoided you. I stayed thru all of it, then one day my loyalty was rewarded by being stabbed in the back. You lied to me REPEATEDLY. And now despite it not really being in my the one whos holding a grudge. SIlly dirty old man... was it worth it? Just tell me HOW after all those years it was worth it

Jesse: She doesnt want me anymore...dumbass this was about you, always was. You said youd help me, this wasn't help honey, this was torture. Yes you didnt lie. Lies on top of lies otherwise. People i didnt know, people backstabbing for fun. People fucking with me...FOR FUN. If there was a way to fk with my head it was done. Again, and again, and AGAIN.You were my best freind and you abandoned me. I didnt know who anyone else was, until they started to unveil themselves, and then i didnt want to know. So nomatter what anyone else did i just wanted a damn conversation from you. And yes im sure you cook the best food...but thats just a sidenote. None of them had any right to do what they did, while you had no right to allow any of it. I just want my freind back. 

Im not nuts ive been harrassed into the ground. Betrayed twice. I await an answer but i dont expect to ever get one. Still thats why i changed my name.What happened shouldnt happen to anyone. And hopefully it doesnt in the future.Hopefully this is done. Dont try and take on a group of desperate people with nothing better to do than play games and fuck with people. Because you became attached to one. And with that im hanging things up and letting it rest. This was done so id never need to explain any of it ever again. And its 2 years later. I stayed because i love the game, but i hate alot of its people.
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