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just a little thing I need to talk about (might make a blog/discord to talk with others about stuff relating to this)

By blookyboo - MEMBER - March 23, 2019, 10:33:17

Hello Im bookyboo some of you may know me as Haku sakurana (doubt it) but you can call me Blook I just feel like I need to talk to others about something that has hindered my life for quite a while now: Athazagoraphobia. for those of you that dont know it is the fear of being forgotten and it some days gets to the point where I want to cry all day because I feel like I am slowly slipping from peoples memories. I understand this fear is illogical as I will be forgotten but its not by just anyone its only by the people I care about (people I consider friends/those I feel care about me) and as I stated it can be a real hindrance as I can't let go of a lot because of it. This may seem like a cry for attention but its not just something I want to talk about and vent about. anyway as I am also nyctophobic (afraid of the dark. well to the point of where your brain starts projecting things in the dark like murderers or monsters) my life can be a real living hell sometimes. anyway just thought I should get that off my chest and if you want to talk about stuff or help with somethings Im doing here are some discord links as well as a link to all of my posts:

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Yep, it is the age. I remember a post where you said that you were 13 (one about the fan class i think), thats just a hard age and period of most people's life. Fear to being forgotten, social acceptance, some emo phases, anxiety, not being understood... all of this might sound as a cliché but those are common things that happen when you are young (and even persist when you are an adult) and some that personally have gone through in the past.

If you search for psycology discord you might find some good ones where you can share this kind of things and  even get professional advice .

Try joining a sport team or hangout more often with people, feeling part of something is a good way to avoid those thoughts of being forgotten, surrounding yourself from friends, family or teammates will help. Try dont labeling things and dont focus on thinking "I have this ____, i just cant do it", just know that every bad moment on your life is  momentary and as you discover new things and as you open up your world you grow up. Dont care about the rest, dont compare to anyone, everyone is different.

When your perception about things changes, so does your reality. The change has to come from someone who wants to change.

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thanks just knowing that complete strangers are even trying to help me is enough to make me smile (not that I dont already) especialy when this is the first thing I wake up and see on the forum smile

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