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Sex and appearance change?

By rozzuuu - MEMBER - January 23, 2019, 15:02:17

So i was just wondering does anyone know if sex and appearance changing potion is coming back??? i got few characters whose looks i want to change really badly.....i'm getting frustrated to the point that i don't feel like playing them anymore xd

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You can find it in the shop, in Services page. Here's the link:

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ah, thank you very much :3

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what could happen if you decided to drink that type of potion?

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I'd like to know what FallenKing is asking too.

I have a character who I didn't get quite right after the appareance revamp and I'd like to know if when one uses the potion, the colors are kept as they are, so one could change only select things on their character, or if everything is reset to default color values.

I find it very hard to balance my skin tone and would rather not mess with that, for example.

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