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Wakfu on Consoles

By Mox-Jackal - MEMBER - January 11, 2019, 19:56:11

please Ankama
Try releasing Wakfu onto consoles
that would be amazing

It would really benefit as well
if you could use the hero system
And obviously multiplayer on them


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i dont see ankama making wakfu for consoles when the main pc game has very low numbers of gamers, to the point it barely stays alive as it is; why you think they put npc's running around everywhere on the new nations (?) cuz there is almost no one around in most of the servers :s ...another thing is that ankama was working on was a merge on some servers because of those numbers, but i think that project got on stand by, i think waiting for the number to go up with the new stuff they put on the last couple of upgrades (i really dont see that happening :U) ... and there are so many other projects that ankama are developing right now that i dont even have any tiny bit of hope that this game will be launched on a console :s ever.

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Waven would be good in consoles or, at the very least, in mobile.

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Waven looks like hot garbage compared to Wakfu, and that isn't the bias talking.

Wakfu on consoles would work, but it'd be a nightmare with all of the different menus and hotkeys and crap. If they fix the memory leak issue where you would need to client every few hours because the screen tears as you run, then maybe it would be ready. As it is right now, technically, the game isn't ready.

A Wakfu 2.0 on the scale of Dofus 2.0 needs to happen, to rewrite a huge part of the code. I don't see that happening anytime soon.

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Wow, way to judge a game that's in alpha.

But yeah wakfu wouldn't work on a console, I'd be up for Waven on switch tho.

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Consoles is outdated. The world gaming industry is moving towards mobile. Waven looks fitting on mobile. Dofus and Wakfu are losing playerbase to mobile gaming. I, personally, am spending more time playing mobile games now (Contra Returns, Plants vs Zombies 2, Fallout Shelter... etc etc etc). If Ankama do not keep up with the times, it will be left out in the cold.

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Im sure that if they throw it on console the game will get tons of player. Console Players want free to play games and they are very active. Pretty sure  this game would be more popular because many new player don't know about ankama product.

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ok Im going to be honest I dont think it would work shearly because the main way of movement is clicking I mean you cant click with a controler

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  . i dont think that this forum is meant for such things . and whats keeping the game from going forward isnt the devs or the updates  in every game theres both and sometimes theres bad updates  and so on  . its the community . we guys need to chill ,people only play this game  to relax after a long day  , theres the grind thing but hey theres 1-50 stasis pick YOUR difficulty ... there was never a need to grind or to excel in the game to enjoy it   . dofus is still going good but for wakfu its just not given enough love from ankama it have potential , fewer than dozen devs working on it  , about the nerfs because of the populations of some servers the devs can no longer takes risks the community is on edge in ANY update people cry  we didnt see reworks since a loong time because in every rework people will get Unhappy for example : Class A "gets reworked" to become stronger 
class A mains will be happy : Class B C D .. Mains :    ( They made class A Broken) 
Cass A''Get reworked" and become weaker somewhat or less useful 
Class A mains will be unhappy , the game deep in is full of Toxic compitition .when it comes to pvp and so on i can see across the years the devs tried to remove that compition and normlize the game but so on its  still failing , theres a game example for the No compition stuff : Maple story a game more like dofus than wakfu (depend on art and story to be enjoyable) theres not much comp in it and its still enjoyable  : i would like to see a sort of  reward system for helping newbies and such (Mentor tokens arent that good)  also i liked something in dofus Colu lately "if u lose to a player thats stronger than y u will get more coins" just that will take a lot of competitvity from the colu .. and  Mox jackale  its just a game ..if a game will become more of shore than to relax u just change it 

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what about when you log on, and your lv97 gear is now lv125? 
and enemies are so overpowered and unfun to fight now
also more than half the bestiary is gone
and all the nations have become basic copy paste squares
and more than half the items are now deleted for some reason
your favorite weapons, armor, summons for an osa. just gone

i used to love the Osa, back when you could summon 3 summons
Now, its just 1. and it dies pretty fast against the hordes 

wakfu is unbalanced in pve unless you are an iop or cra
classes get nerfed for PVP balance, while the pve grows beyond comprehension
some characters who used to be fun, like, the feca, ecaflip, osa, enutrof
completely buried into the dirt by nerfs

where as an iop can dish out 9000 damage per turn
you are lucky to do 2000. 

wakfu has lost so much of its flair, each nation was its own thing
now reduced to 5 turkeys and 1 zaap.

iam just mad. and no one else understands why
its like if any game you loved just up and deleted half its content one day
and nerfed the other remaining half
for Pvp "balance" or something. 

long ago i had a concept that could have solved this
split all spells into Pvp and Pve variants
Buff pve variants to cope with the insane difficulties on some mobs
-Scara the melty? like dude, him and tons of others are busted

the grind for proffesions
its just unfun. 

The devs dont read forum posts anyways

you used to be able to drop items, if you dragged them offscreen
in case of an accident, you could just repick them up
since that was removed, now, the items just delete themsevles
like say, 560 stacks of osamoda powder
it used to be, they dropped into sacks, to be repicked up
but, now.. gone forever, like half my items, and gear

But good thing all the gear is on the market for 500,000 - 4,000,000 kama
or wait... the servers are dead, so most market boards are empty

gee i wonder why people quit

how many incarnations incarnam has gone through
zinit, still never finished after all these years
the osa nerfs never undone. 
Sadida, xelor, ecaflip, enutrof, feca, sacrier... the nerfs 
i get it, ankama favorites the iop and cra. and balances them to their favor
but does that mean that every other class needs to be train wrecked?

honestly there were some amazing ideas and patches
But way way way, too many completely unbearably bad ones.
like say, removing the dang frogs? 

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