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Wakfu discord?

By mr-pixel-yt - MEMBER - November 19, 2018, 03:38:23

Hello young amateurs of the world of twelve, as we know the official discord of wakfu has been deleted ... So I bring you a project for nois tries to revive it more for now we will focus on Efrim and Remigton more in the future I intend to bring the other community​​​​​​
We are accepting volunteers for the project.

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There are currently 3+ Servers for wakfu on discord now with many players.

1. Suspect's Remington / General Wakfu Server
2. Hook's Nox/Remington Based Server
3. Phareis Server

This fragmentation is not going to help the community at all with Multiple servers spawning.
You can join any one of these and then manage dedicated sections for each server, and these are here since quite a while with a healthy member count as well.

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