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By Huezildo - MEMBER - November 18, 2018, 19:11:39
Hello Astrubians, this is your latest news from the world of the twelve.
 Due to the claim of the community, our gods have decided to create a new group finder system. This new content will bring a lot to our world. From now on the players will be able to select which dungeons they want to enter and select their function in the group finder, as soon as all the roles in the group are filled, a message will pop up on the player's screen, giving the option to be teleported to the first room of the dungeon, and it will if all the players agree.
 And that is not all, this new feature will have all servers interlinked, so the wait time in the line will be shorted, plus if you complete a dungeon using this system you will receive bonus experience and drops.
 Be tuned for more news in your WAKFU DAILY FAKE NEWS

Greetings citizens of Astrub. Today's news is about the gods themselves, for we know that what makes our world so unique are them, our gods. So they have decided to create quests for all their followers that want to know everything about their history, or did you think they were there all along? No. Apparently, each class will have their own questlines, focused on telling about their god's history. This way everyone will feel more connected to their gods, and who don't want to know about some god's gossips.
 Be tuned for more FAKE NEWS.


 Greetings astrubians. Today's news is about the market. Yes, we know that it's been hard to complete all your gear, but here comes some good news. From now on you will be able to make offers on market and buy requests, that way no one will need to wait until the item you want comes to the market. With this update, people will also be able to bargain for items prices.
 Be tuned for more Fake News.
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