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By Separate - MEMBER - June 28, 2018, 08:35:55

There is a discord for the new game being released by Ankama called Waven. Check the Ankama youtube page... The discord for Waven is: Hope to see a bunch of you in there so we can all chat biggrin ! SO HYPED 

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Waven is Dofus 3 a.k.a Dofus Cube right? ( im still not sure if Waven is Dofus Cube )

but if it is, im surprised that no one talked about it yet or maybe so many haven't really noticed.. ( since only Tot update it on his vlog and are probably still 2 years away according to him )

i think it's going to be a very nice fresh restart for every players that loved Dofus / Wakfu and has quit the game, i really hope this time, Waven / Dofus Cube could be the restart for everyone and will finally be the Ankama MMO we have always hoped for.

and i have found a lot of nice articles about this game, notably this link here:

so Excited though!


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