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All of the places on the map on Remington server are dominated by the Riktus clan...

By marotomau - MEMBER - March 16, 2018, 16:58:20
Since the responsible people who are in charge of the 4 nations, they are not doing anything to recap the territories against the riktus, but battling in war eachother. And because of that, I can't kill a mob for getting a key to dungeon because I will earn negative CP and I'm looking for lvling up myself because i bought a booster for the first time in hopes of getting leveled myself to 200. I'm a brakmarian myself and I'm struggling. Like, when the pvp and the nation battles change for once? Like... I want to level up my character and my hero to 200, I can't kill a mob and is impossible to go to a dungeon and there are constant pvp force and I don't want to get myself into nonsense. Help plz!!
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You know that ''Dungeon keys'' have disappeared since a really long time, right?
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I didnt know about it... I just came back once again. tongue
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