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Potential solutions to the issues brought up by the server merge of Nox, Remi, and Phaeris.

By Xeyfr - MEMBER - January 03, 2018, 11:55:32

Earlier today, while thinking about the highly anticipated server merge of the Nox, Remi and Phaeris servers, I thought of solutions to some of the issues brought up by other players.

When it comes to the overlapping Haven Worlds the solution may be simpler than you would expect. It could be as simple as changing Haven Worlds from the way we are used to seeing them by removing them from the world and adding a recall potion of some sort to access it. 
A similar outcome could be achieved by adding some kind of Zapp portal the could be placed inside the haven bags of guild members and used for transport to the Haven Worlds. 
It may even be possible to just add it to the list of destinations available at Zapp portals ( costing 0 kamas) that only the guild members can see and use. 
By far the simplest solution would be to just add multiple nodes on the Haven World effectively turning every 1 Haven World into 3.

When it comes to overlapping names it could simply be a matter of prompting the player(s) to change the characters name (for free) before continuing to play Wakfu. 

If a player has more characters than the amount of available slots than the solution may be to simply prompt the player(s) to select x characters to keep, deleting the rest. This may be annoying for some players, but should not be much of a problem. I personally use almost the exact same classes across the servers and wont have an issue, I imagine many players will be in the same boat. this could even be an opportunity to give players additional character slots for free.

Keep in mind these are only suggestions and are not perfect.


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I somehow agree with the last one. My suggestion is to lock the chara slot instead of deleting it (after choosing which charas to use permanently) then, players can activate the chara again via buying the chara slot assigned to it. Just an idea tho.

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I like the idea.
Thank you for the response.

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Never happening.

It feels like ankama doesn't care about it anymore. This is what happens when you try to please everyone. Just go ahead and do it with whatever consolation that you can provide. The game needs a server with good population to keep the newbs interested (look so many people are playing this. Ya, I think I'll try this a bit longer.) 

- someone who has quit and comeback multiple times to dofus and wakfu over last 8 years.

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