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I had a dream {About My own Custom Private Server}

By Mox-Jackal - MEMBER - November 13, 2017, 16:32:50

I've always wished that i could just have enough money, to simply buy my own server
A simple, outside the game server, that allowed me to alter and change wakfu as i pleased
A privately owned/operated server, where i could change anything about the game, freely

I know it is a ton of concepts packed into 1, Server
I always wished i could make my own, and try to breathe a little life back into this game

"Such as"

+50 to base Wisdom/Prospecting to all Characters/Players, and +1 Base Mp to all players 6 ap/wp, 4 mp
+100% xp gain to all professions crafts/harvesting
+50% harvesting resource gains for all professions {herbalist, miner, fisher, farmer, trapper, lumberjack}
A return of Set bonuses, for all sets
A return of a use for Stasis/Wakfu 
Stasis increases harvesting speed 3% per 10% stasis
Stasis increases harvesting quantity 4% per 10% stasis
Stasis Grants a evolving purple aura, anyone can see, +10% base prospecting / Damage
Wakfu increases planting speed 3% per 10% wakfu
Wakfu increases planting chance 4% per 10% wakfu
Wakfu Grants a evolving blue aura, anyone can see, +10% base wisdom / Resistance

(Along with the stasis/wakfu sources returned, the bonus lasts 24h when activated)

The daily Almanax quest would now give x2 tokens per day, x4 with booster

-Non party leaders could start dungeons again, i hate that they only let party leaders do it now-

Maybe a 5% increase to the white bow meows spawn rate
a 5% increase to guildalogem drop rates, and haven-gem fragment drop rates
a 25% decrease to equipment drop rates, which would be negated by the base pp {Not resource drops though}
I feel flooded in equipment now, it used to be so rare, and buying equipment actually mattered at one time
Now, loot drops so much more than actual mob resources, i have like 400 cottonsocks
I cant even crush cottonsocks, or sell them, or trade them in to haven worlds.. id love to change that

And the list goes on, to a ton of concepts
[Nation Changes]
Citizenship changes as well
Where we have CP for only our Nation, attacking another nation rewards BP, bandit points
CP grants a bonus for every single region that is balanced in your land
Eco terroism, or Pking would have new changes, with BP maxing at 500 only
When you are pked with BP in an enemy nation, you spend time in prison, -1bp per 2 seconds
If someone claims you, they gain a BP bounty based on what your Treasurer has chosen
The treasurer may choose the kama reward that pulls from your nations treasury, 1-10kama per BP
BP gives you a white skull, that enables any enemy nation player to attack you for CP
All old conquerable islands would return as conquest-able bonuses per nation
Possibly 4 islands in total, conquest could be reworked for a more fun feel
Unlawful Pk's would now add 100 BP, and give you a red skull
After being Pked by a player, unlawfully, you would be immune to pk for 30m
White skulls allow players 25 levels under/over to attack you
Red skulls remove that level cap, red skulls have no CP nation bonus for 1h
White skulls retain their nation bonus, and can attack enemy nations
Red/white skulls may not use turkeys, but white skulls can use Zaaps, and Red skulls could not
Red skulls can use Zaaps in their nation, but may not use them in other nations or turkeys
So you can Zaap into a nation, you just cant zaap out, but you could use any teleporting items
White skulls are enemies to the nations, red skulls are enemies to the world
Players can opt in or out of Pvp though, but you may still earn a white skull
If you have a red skull, you cant turn pvp off, until it wears off

Nation bonuses would also receive new bonuses, like they used to, based on their actual nation
Bonta - Air damage/resistance, Brakmar - Fire damage/resistance, Sufokia - Water damage/resistance
Amakna - Earth damage/resistance, Astrub - lower but all 4 damage/resistance
Astrub would be reconginzed as its own nation as well, each region offering smaller, but uniform bonuses
Only Astrub would grant pp and wis nation bonuses, along with across the board elemental buffs
{you still get the x9 hp boost, but as well, 2 em x9, with an additional 2x9 to the Nations Mastery elements}
{seen as such a 2% fire damage/resist x9, 10hp x9, and 2% [all 4] elemental mastery x9}
The singular form bonuses for elements adds a more diverse change to the system, liked it used to be
Each nation would still grant all around bonuses for elements, but give a slighter increase to their element 
But as well, your nation chosen effects all your profession equipment crafts as well
Astrub crafts gain a +5% increase to all initiative / dodge / lock / wisdom / pp on crafts
Bonta crafts gain a +10% increase to wind damage/resistances on crafts
Brakmar crafts gain a +10% increase to fire damage/resistances on crafts
Sufokia crafts gain a +10% increase to water damage/resistances on crafts 
Amakna crafts gain a +10% increase to earth damage/resistances on crafts
This gives each nation its own unique crafts, as well as maybe a change would come to market boards
Each nation is its own separate market board hub, in a sort
Islands are 1 hub, Astrub is 1 hub, and the 4 main nations are each 1 hub, total of 6 {Market boards}
Any haven worlds with market boards would access the board of the nation you were in
[All islands have 1 connected market board, and the other 5 nations are each their own markets]
[Non universal boards would mean travel to each nation is beneficial again, considering taxes]
[It also removes the stagnant flood on 1 universal board, kind of lame]

if possible, if you have sold something in the market, a icon on the top screen will pop up
Say if i sold an item in the market today, i wouldn't know unless i checked the boards
But with this function, i'd say the top left, next to bug reports, would be a money bag icon
The bags color, it corresponds to the market you sold an item in, easing your strain a little bit
Blue bag for sufokia, green for amakna, purple is bonta, red is brakmar, yellow for astrub, black for islands

Beyond that, all nations grant a slight boost to a specific profession
Brakmar - +10% mining speed / +10% miner harvest quantity / +20% more mining xp
Bonta - +10% lumberjack speed / +10% lumberjack harvest quantity / +20% more lumberjack xp
Sufokia - +10% fishing speed / +10% fishing harvest quantity / +20% more fishing xp
Amakna - +10% farming speed / +10% farming harvest quantity / +20% more farming xp
Astrub - +10% herbalist speed / +10% herbalist harvest quantity / +20% more herbalist xp
The speed bonus effects harvesting/planting speeds
The Xp effects all harvesting/planting/crafting experience
The quantity effects the quantity obviously

[ALSO, a return of our nation title plaques above our names]
Mousing over a character would display their nation, name/lv, guild, title, and Official status
Official status being Guard/Governor/Treasurer/Vice Gov/Army General/Weather Eng/Chall/Eco
i really dont get why we cant display our nations name any more
I think it would say "Citizen of {Insert Nationality}"

Adding a bit more uniqueness to each nation may help with the whole 5 characters per account thing
Each character could be in a separate nation. but along with this, a change to voting
Each "Account" Gets only 1 vote, per nation, per character, per office holding per week
So if i have 5 characters, all brak, and theres 3 governors, i may vote only 1 time, on my whole account
this stops multi-counters from voting themselves into office, 
As well, anyone who makes it into office, may only do so 1 time every 3 weeks, per character, per nation
This kind of shuffles up the office every single week, voting starts friday, ends saturday,
You may run in office, 5 characters, each trying to be governor, in all 5 nations
if 1 makes it in, he can rule for a week, but then you cant run with that character for the next 2 weeks
possibly you could rule for 2 weeks, every so 2 weeks, but the base idea is to shuffle the board a bit
I actually wanted to introduce a new system into the entire kama system as well

Kamas no longer simply go poof, enemies no longer simply spout out kamas
Instead, all kamas spent on poof things for kamas, feed those spent kamas to mobs
An example, i spend 100 kamas on a zaap, the treasury of that nation takes 10-50% of those based on Treasurer
the rest, are scattered unto all mob/enemies, and can be looted from those mobs
Over time, spent kamas, from zaaps, turkeys, haven worlds, would be distributed amongst enemies
this alters how much/little kamas they drop, based on the overall pool of that lands kama 
Taxs from market boards go to a nation, 100%, but nation kama spent on anything, goes to mobs
Mobs in turn drop those kamas for players, and its like a cycle or something
The kamas never cease to exist, and the only kamas in the game, would be the ones crafted by players
Over time, the kama pool in the game increases, and it would be interesting to watch that develop
Treasurers hold a lot of power though
They could set tax rates on Turkeys/Zaaps/Market boards
You get 3 rates to choose as well
-National- Your nations citizens -Allies- Your nations allies, -Enemies- Your nations enemies
Youd get to adjust the cost in kama/tax rate for all 3, 
Making Turkey costs 0-100 kama, 0 for national/allies, 100 for enemies
Zaaps can go 50-250 kamas, Market board tax could be altered as well by treasurers
{24h is 20-33%, 72h is 33-66%, 168h is 66-100%}
Nations may even tax kamas earned from battles, from enemies only, not allies/nationals, up to 0-10%
[Guild/Haven Worlds]
I would also add a few guild changes, haven world changes as well
First off, All haven worlds would now become central hubs, instead of privately owned land
By this i mean, all guilds, any of them, may now buy a haven world freely
The current haven worlds would become zaaps that open a search list/filter for all guild haven worlds
You may favorite 5, and they would show up under your guilds haven world
but you could easily search or find any other guilds haven world and join freely

The whole 10 level bonus GP bonuses would all be altered, a re-balancing of all the bonuses
including the 40% prospecting/wisdom bonuses, so dumb, 1d for a 6h buff for 4500 GP, sleep
instead i would halve the GP costs of all those bonuses, and reduce the times to craft most
such as the 40% bonuses would become a 6h craft for a 24h bonus. for 2250 GP instead
GP gains would be altered as well
+3 GP per player in a group per person
So 2 people, = 6 Gp, per person, total of 12 Gp a fight. 6 player guild group = 108 Gp a fight
The weekly Guild Point cap would be at 15,000 from 7500 
Many of the boosts would receive a slight change, as well as a guild group bonus to all the guild costumes
Guild Costume grants +2% damage/hp/resistance per guild ally in your group
Presplak Costume grants +3% damage/hp/resistance per guild ally in your group
Chaferion Costume grants +4% damage/hp/resistance per guild ally in your group
Draconic Costume grants +5% damage/hp/resistance per guild ally in your group
Samoussai Costume grants +6% damage/hp/resistance per guild ally in your group
These Bonuses are PvE only, and are disabled for any PvP

Another slight changed would be to all haven world crafts {buildings only}
Their Kama and Resource costs would all be reduced by 50%
Planting chance of mobs/resources would be base 45% and increases 5% per guild level
+the bonuses from buildings that effect it
Any battles inside the haven world with a contrabandits lair would be improved slightly
The C Bandits now act as a 3rd party character with their own drop tables, for collecting loot/kama
As well, C Bandits grant +1 Gp per battle within your Haven world against mobs
The White Bow Meow has a 5% higher chance of spawning in haven worlds 
Any guild may now freely purchase a Haven world for 100,000 kama, or 5 Guildalogems
Guilds may be made for 10,000 kama or 1 Guildalogem

You may also change your guilds emblem anytime for 1 Guildalogem
You may even change your guilds name for 1 Guildalogem
Excess gems may be converted at Guild Desks for 250 GP as well
One Major change to the game would be +10 to the base Pockets for players
so starting out youd have 40 slots for inventory, instead of 30
+ the my passport item would now be voided and saved as a separate entity, instead of taking up a slot
Along with Water buckets, you would have a water pouch for holding all your water
As well a change to equipment, slightly
You would now have the ability to equip 1 costume, 1 emblem, and 1 tool
currently, tools replace your emblem, kind of lame, but this lets you equip any tool and emblem
*not sure if anyone would like it, but maybe a return of craftable/lootable keys for dungeons again
*its a dumb idea, it seems, but it gives players a reason to farm mobs, outside of infinite dungeon runs
*however, keys would have their own personal keys slot, and would not take up any inventory
*at the top would be Bags/Quest/Keys, keys can be looted or crafted with handyman
*when keys are looted at all, any members in your group gain a key, if anyone gained a key
*Example being, if i have a group of 6, if a key is looted, all 6 of us gain that key
*As well, when crafting keys, you'd make 3 at a time per craft, crafts costs 5 of a resource from the mobs
*all keys would be a single resource but 5 of that resource for a 3 key craft
*its just a thought to add something to do

[Class spell separation into Pve and Pvp versions]
Possibly a whole slew of overhauls on all Class spells
The changes would be made by first, splitting all spells of all classes in half, by Pve Version and Pvp version
All spells would have 2 variants, the Pve and Pvp
this means certain spells would be altered for both gameplay options, like Osamodas summoning
Gobup {upon death of any summon, osa is returned 1wp}
Pve [2ap 1wp, castable 3 times per turn] Pvp [3ap 1wp, castable 1 time per turn]
or something like
{enutrof} Clumsiness
Pve [2ap 1wp, -2mp to all enemies in 54 range] Pvp [1ap, 1wp, -2mp to all enemies in 1-5 range]

The basic gyst is a buff/boost to all classes spells vs Pve
and a more balanced flow for all Pvp spells
This creates 2 variants of gameplay within the game, Pve spells / Pvp spells

Another change would be [Handicapping] this simply alters the lower leveled players stats to match his opponent
Not by much though
+1% Hp/Damage/Resistance per level under opponent, it means a lv1 player gets +199% bonus against a lv200
Still barely enough to do anything though, but its just a minor handicap
Possibly +3%hp  and +1% damage/resistance might make more sense, but still its just minor

Alongside handicapping would be the Guard Costume change
If you are a guard, you gain a bonus against white/red skulls
If they are a higher level, you gain a handicap, based on skull, for having a guard costume
Guards gain +20% more health against white skulls, and the regular handicap against white skulls
+15% more damage/resistance and +25 initiative/dodge/lock
Guards gain +25% more health against red skulls, and an increased handicap against red skulls
+20% more damage/resistance and +35 initiative/dodge/lock

A similar function would attain to any governing officials as well against white/red skulls
Guards gain double the amount of Cp/bounty kama earned against any skull kills/captures
Considering if a skull is killed in any enemy nation, they are teleported to prison on death

Prisons can be escaped by trying to dig out, but you cant use any teleporting items to port out
You can serve your time, in a prisoner outfit, our escape through a tunnel, only those 2 options
Access to all items would be denied in prisons, but you could fight rats, and craft the key to escape
Prisoners can mine iron, and craft kamas as well, the kamas get sent straight to the treasury of that nation
Crafting kamas in prison reduces your bp by 1 per craft, so it will decrease slightly faster
One change i would probably want to bring back is the Gemlin
Gemlins would return to their former modifiable glory
Stasis turns them purple, wakfu makes them blue, gems and accessories would make a comeback as well
achievements earned would grant you rewards for your gemlins
Gemlins grant a bonus based on the class they are equipped to
+ they are customizable with 5 things, 1 hat, 1 face, and 3 stat booster tokens
Gemlin hats/faces are earned from achievements, along with some booster tokens
However, the booster tokens would be equip able, to all Pets, any of them
Pet Booster Tokens, would drop only from bosses of dungeons, and grant a small boost
the regular bonus of a pet + these 3 optional tokens, could be kind of fun, and adds a new trade-able item
All hats/faces of a gemlin are stored in a unique gemlin bag, gemlins grant HP and {Class Buff}
+3 tokens, which these bonuses change/range based on the boss level/area/nation
[MAKE PETS GREAT AGAIN] and gemlins to
Pets could level from 0-50, their health decreases by 1, when you die, they have a hp pool of 20
as well, if not fed every 3 days, they lose 1hp per 3 days, revivable/healable with osa powder, 1hp per powder
Being fed every 6h, +1level per feeding, so they can level 4 times a day, a timer would be by their feed date
once that timer expires, you may feed them again, but if you feed them with time remaining, -1hp
the visual reference makes it slightly easier to maintain a pet
the timer for feeding would start at 6h, and go down, when it hits 0, it counts up a new one
The new timer is how long it has been since you fed the pet, no longer just a date, but actual time shows
{Possible Pet Prestige} and pet leveling changes
When a pet hits lv50, you may reset its level, and increase its base stat bonus
A pet can be prestiged 10 times, each time increases their base bonus by 10%, to a max of 100%
So it may level up to50 10 times, total of 500 levels
Outside of simply feeding a pet though, they may gain combat xp, like they used to
by running a mission with your pet they gain xp, and may level up by combat 6 times per day
they have a pool of only 10xp to gain per level
feeding grants +10xp, so 1 level every 6 hours
But every day they can level 6 times, by combat, xp gain is 1xp per fight if not max hp
at 20hp, a pet gains 3xp per fight, at 10-19hp they gain 2xp a fight, 1-9hp gives 1xp a fight
So at that math, itd be 20 fights for 6 levels, at 3xp, 30 fights at 2xp, 60 fights at 1xp, per day
so you may total out to about 10 levels a day on a pet, feeding/fighting, 5 days for a lv50 pet

Another thing would be 3 separate crafts all for Osa powder
1: 10 thistle seed, 5 water {makes x3 osa powder}
2: 1 coarse tiramasoup, 5 water {makes x3 osa powder}
3: 1 coarse flour, 5 water {makes x3 osa powder}

[Possible Leveling Changes]
First off, at lv100 and 200, all players are granted +1 ap
Second at Lv150, all players are given +1mp
Alongside the usual damage/resistance boost based on overall level, +20% every 20 levels

It would be a additional change to the abilities page
Intelligence is now renamed, Vitality
And instead, Every level you level up, you get 1 vitality point to spend on any of those options
Intelligence, Strength, Agility, Chance, are in order per level, as they kind of are right now
1-2-3-4, in a cycle, Vitality is every single level though, instead of being part of that cycle
Some options would be moved around, and placed into intelligence though
The options would be as follows
%health points, Elemental resistance, Barrier, % heals received, % armor health points
+2 wisdom [15 max], +2 pp [15 max], Kit skill [10 max] Health points (removed from strength),
Force of will (removed from agility), Healing mastery (removed from chance)
Elemental mastery, single target M, area M, close combat M, distance M
Lock, Dodge, Initiative, Lock and Dodge, Back-stab M {increases back stab damage}
% CH, % block, Critical M, Rear M, Berserk M, Rear Resistance, Critical Resistance
Major {cap 1, on all}
Ap,  Mp and damage, Range and damage, Wakfu points, Control and damage,  damage, elemental resist

Spell system change
-This applies only to passives/support{active} spells really-
First, Support/Active spells will now evolve every 50 levels, 0-50-100-150-200
And Passives will evolve 3 times, from 0-50-101+

Second, Players have 7 passive slots, from 6
At Lv0 You have 1 free Passive slot
Then Lv5 - 25 - 50 - 100 - 150 - 200 grant an additional slot

thats about it for that though

This is a change i really really want back
1: Heal Resist doesn't exist in Pve, and is a Pvp only thing
In Pve, enemy mobs gain Heal Resist, but, players do not
in Pvp both players, all players, have heal resist

This way, heals are more beneficial in Pve, and enemies will start to lose that heal power [Pve]
Heal resist is such a pain in the neck for Enirispas, healers of any kind

With increases to pp and wisdom, i would see the cap raise from 200 to 300

i think another thing that would be great to see, is a map fuction
Press M, open the map, and click on Clan members to view their Wakfu conditions, without having to go there
I think it used to be in the game, and was taken out
simply right click on the Clan Member, and it would bring up their Wakfu pages, listing all their information
Another cool new tip would be a Population ticker as well
When viewing info, it would display the population in that region
However, you may only see how many players of {Your nation} are in that region
Members from other nations would not show up, so you could only count your nations player count
So if there were 10 brakmars in a region of bonta, and i checked the Info, it would show 0
But, if there were 5 brakmars and 5 bontans, it would show 5
This is to prevent someone trying to grief other members, or from tracking down any non nation players easily
You could still just go to that location and search around if you wanted, for any red/white skulls possibly

There is a ton of other things i would love to change as well, but this is all hypothetical if i ever could
I just want to make my own server


{Also one last thing}
{What if it was possible that your player level affected your profession crafts?}
{For every 5 levels of your player level, your crafts would receive a 1% boost to all their stat bonuses}
{When crafting items, your name would appear upon those items, the level to equip remains the same though}
{Alongside this would be that, if you are 10 levels over a craft it gains a Apprentice boost, +10%}
{20 levels is 20% Adept Boost, 30 levels is 30% Master Boost. and it caps at 30}
{So a master crafts man can make lower leveled gear that trumps all other drops}
{Equipment made by a player could essentially scale with that players Combat/Profession level}

Another change i would love is to the smith-magic system
Its so barebones and bogus really
For 1, i would remove the Kama cost, and replace it only with rune/Hammer costs
i would double powders gain from smashing items as well
Crafted items grant 3x the powder, looted items grant 2x the powder, and the kama cost is removed completely
the cost would change in to,
Lv1-5, 1 rune/hammer, Lv6-10 2 runes/hammers
Rune-ing would be slightly simpler, there would be other changes to the system i'd like, but yeah

Spoiler (click here to show spoiler)

the game is dead, due to lack of love for the game, and player base interest
The boosters are thrown in your face, so thats one really obnoxious thing
The grind is always un-appreciated 
the constant updates  "nerfs" have kind of killed it
Instead of adding content, content is taken out, scrapped or removed
The passion just seems gone, there was so much potential for wakfu, but it never came

The biggest flaw i find, is the whole Pointless Stasis/Wakfu system they killed
The gemlins they made useless
The citizenship points, total waste
Guilds, could have seen a bit more love, haven worlds as well
Its great that we dont need keys for dungeons anymore, but what the heck
Keys were the bread and butter of the handyman profession/farming mobs for them as well

PvP seems to be the only focus of the entire game
To the point that any updates added are just nerfs to make pvp "balanced"

Honestly though, i wish i could buy and make my own private Wakfu Server
And allow anyone who wants to, to migrate over to it
Where i had complete control over its progress, updates
i'd bring back all that was taken out, and overhaul over half of the content

Especially market boards

there are a bunch of other ideas i had, maybe something about bringing back all removed content
Imagine restoring Prims, a prim exists in all regions of all nations
All islands have only 1 prim, but every nation has 9
Prims cand be controlled/conquered by players in pvp, by enemy nations
They can be contested by the defending nation, or their ally nations
Captured prims steal the Clan members buffs and apply them to the winning nation
So your nation can grow stronger, simply by taking all the prims in the world, and taking nations buffs
But this would obviously make your nation an enemy of the world

Maybe the battle arenas could return, where players are all set at lv100, and given mock gear sets
Arenas would be a little bit different than usual pvp though
regardless of your level, you would be lv100 upon entering a arena
and you would have acess to Arena only equipment sets, and spells
All players in the arenas lose acess to their class spells, and can pick from 10 arena class spell sets
Winners recieve arena tokens, to buy arena based content, that can be used inside our outside the arena
Like costumes, or emblems, and maybe pets, mounts, or smith-magic hammers/runes
the amount of rewards could be all over the place, maybe even titles

I'am not really aiming to make anyone mad with this post
I just miss the old wakfu, i dont want this game to Die, i want to breathe life back into it
If i could have my own server, i'd love that, but currently, i haven't wont the lottery yet
Even then, i dont know if it is even possible

{definitely consider making endless haven worlds for guilds though}
{only guilds from 2012-2013 have one, and a ton of those players have quit}
{Look at a game called Warframe, Every Clan can have a Clan Dojo, why Cant Wakfu do the same?}
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Score : 227

I would definitely play on this server if it would be open or ever madesmile

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Score : 217

beautiful idea, if possible to back classes a few bad updates back i will gladly pay 50USD/month for subscriber status .

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Score : 2987

I also thought about another system change, to ogrines

1000 kama converts to 1 ogrine

Maybe a return of a sub based system of 15-10$ a month
Monthly granting ogrines
Maybe market price changes to be a bit more reasonable and user friendly

I also kind of think itd be nice to turn guildalogems into haven guild doors, 1 gem for 2 doors possibly, or 1 for 1

I liked the hero system
But its so pricy, and not user friendly enough

I was thinking also of why are boosters so dang exspensive

Character slots as well

All the proceeds of my private server would basically be donated to maintaining it, and given to amakna

But iam sure that more players would return

It would be awesome to see a return of stasis and wakfu source table crafts for proffessions

Maybe just adding a slight buff to any items crafted within the sources

Imagine if there was a table for every proffession in sources

Anything crafted would gain a bonus based on which source you are in

This includes every consumable and any equipment, but nothing like handyman things or such

An example would be,
Stasis food has increased power
Wakfu food has increased durations

Stasis equipment gains increased lock, bonus harvesting speeds, gains, damage, maybe pp

Wakfu equipment gains increased dodge, bonus planting speed, seed gains, resistance, maybe initiative

The stasis, wakfu crafts require certain levels of either to use

And the buffs appear as blue as nd purple in equipment texts

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Score : -15

If something like this existed, i'd actually play this game again, otherwise it's still pretty much dead to me

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Score : 16

If only they'd listen though

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Score : 3951

There are many good point there with some is just too harsh, but still better than current one~ Such a good server if exist I will willing start all over even from Lv.1 again~

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Score : 2987

its nice to get concurrent feedback, its just hopeful wishing though
some of these ideas would really improved the game
but a bunch, would be returning things back to what they used to be
but slightly better

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Score : 2987
i miss wakfu

Is this game dead? 
or just forums
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Score : 14

sadly both. The forums are toxic now and the game is like.... echo in all the places

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Score : 1

nice idea, seen the new changes of the classes, i  want this soo baaddd

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