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By IvanSouza - MEMBER - November 03, 2017, 01:33:03

Yo, i decided to go back to the game and start fresh. Im styill deciding with server to play


Hows server pop on those ? any comunity still alive ?

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Go for Remmi, weak heartbeat still going.. Nox has issues with market finance (they got with some Zimbabwe inflation) and few active, but those who are active are very active. Can't comment on efrim


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why cant they just merge nox/remm?

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Merge was planned (Nox>Remmi), but currently delayed.

Remmi has already absorbed the German and Spanish server. From the looks of it they are testing the servers ability to handle the potential increase in activity, with the free zinit weekend.


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i think wakfu is pretty much dead at this point
only about 500 - 200 people seem to even exist on it

nox is dead, unless you go to astrub
i spent a few hours roaming around
here and there, and there isnt a single person

they all congregate in astrub, next to the zaap
i never understood that

Wakfu acts like a small social hub hangout, more than a game sometimes
for as long as its been around, theres been this thing that people do
they just, stand around, and duel, and duel, and duel
but thats it.... some dont move at all

i used to see like 100 people standing in front of the temple of almanax
All the time. 

they didnt blink, didnt breathe, didnt move, or talk
they just stood there, always motionless, logged on forever, doing nothing

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This game with all its amazing potential was definitely dying before they made it way smaller and removed 60% of the creatures to accommodate the dying. 

On Nox there are only end-endgame players still remotely active (less than 200 including alts) mainly at even the liveliest times of the day.

The only real way I see the game surviving is if they revert everything back to open beta layout Minus the leveling spells individually by xp/use.

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