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Feeling pretty Numb.

By Mewfoxgirl - MEMBER - March 07, 2017, 03:04:01

So... Don't worry too much about this thread, I'm basically venting an annoying feeling that just keeps popping up...

Cutting to the chase, I feel like I can't really 'love' someone . v.

What does this mean, other than sounding like an emo rant post? :v Well, it just means that I don't feel good when I'm with someone... only when I can crush on someone.

There's just something about liking someone, and them not knowing about it... and just being themselves all the dang time : / Being your friend, and not trying to kiss you all the dang time...

Certain people are attractive to me as just friends, plain and simple.

but what sucks, is that I don't have any friends that I'm attracted to, and it's making me anxious.
I would go into detail, but eh.. I don't know who reads what threads, and who might misunderstand this post = v=

So I leave on that.

Good evening to you all. -bows-

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Uhh, from a psychological view it might be useful to know your gender.

From a sociological view, what's happening to you is pretty common. Though some criteria relatively fit asexuality I'd say that it's more of a phase than anything else. Kind of happened to me, something similar; after a really bad relationship, I spent 2 years on my own. Wasn't really attracted to anyone, despite knowing very attractive individuals.

You shouldn't get anxious over that, sincerely speaking it's cool to have time to spend with yourself, by yourself. Just don't waste any time worrying about little stuff like whether you like people or not; get to like yourself, it's better spent, more enjoyable time, and it leads to building a rock solid self esteem as a long term goal.

Abstaining yourself from romantical/sexual interactions is useful in regards to spiritual growth. Just my 2 cents.

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