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hi guys is this real life?

By rowxs July 17, 2014, 15:13:37
hi is this real life
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Or is it just fantasy
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Are we humus?
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Or are we dancers?
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My sign is vital, my hands are cold.
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cause one, you're like a dream come true
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Never gunna give you up
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Surrender now, or prepare to fight.
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Or you will die. Love is for the weak and feeble.
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Cairen|2014-07-17 15:22:03
Or is it just fantasy
Caught in a land slide...
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No escape from reality
Score : 400
Open your eyes, Look up to the sky and seeee,
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You give love a bad name!
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Thus, darkness swept across the land.
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Guaranteed to blow your mind!

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Ooh, recommended at the price
Insatiable an appetite
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