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Friendship Thread

By xCATZILAx - MEMBER - June 27, 2014, 19:24:51
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Wool/Kole: Hands down THE most helpful, most generous person I've met on Wakfu. So much love and gratitude for all your kind words and motivation (and song recommendations which I have yet to get to) and listening to me rant on and on about everything under the sun. You are an incredible person. AND MY FAVOURITE IOP wub

Kizame: So bizarrely emo and I love you for that (not in that way tho). You swear like a machine but you always help me and other guildmates out in little ways, and you are a great reminder to me to not take the game too seriously. As long as you keep playing you are my go-to Sac, so don't quit (NO run is complete without you *sob*)

Date/Shinku: You are the standard to which I hold all other water Pandas happy Ty for always inviting me to stuff when I was new and no one gave a damn, and for just being really cool, you da best c: Next time pls take my money k.

Nur/Lee: You deserve special mention for making it into so many of my Wakfu screenies; I don't think there's been a time I haven't hurt my stomach laughing when you come into chat. So many many thanks for making my Wakfu experience so much more cheerful/cringeworthy wacko

Leels: THANKS FOR SCARING AN INNOCENT NUBLET WITH PK THREATS I HOPE YOU'RE HAPPY :@ now gimme all ur stoof (but really thanks for being awesome, even though you turned into some kind of pseudo-Nur...... and Sylagrium)

Appreciation also for Lifewater, Xol, Gogo, Chillz, Nup, Azuillian, Arks, Guapo and Hebejebes for having some of the best attitudes in the game, you guys are great to be around and you make me smile (which is important, I play game to has fun)
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Ennie & Tilia: Your one of the reason i still play, i enjoy hanging out with ya

Rayrums: always been my friend since Dofus, also my Favorite Feca
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If only I had friends 
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Daft: You're one of the first people I befriended in this game and we've been bffs ever since. I don't know what I'd do without you, life wouldn't be as fabulous :') Hope you realize that you're the best and nobody can stop you *-* I believe you will be a great leader, you have the goods just add a bit of unf unf and everything will fall into place!

Skull (Sebby): Another person that was one of my first and true friends. We've grown so much closer and that makes me happy  You always say the sweetest things and can turn a bad day to an amazing one. Gracias por ser parte de mi vida

Urbann: Sawy boy you're a sneaky rich little bum. I love you either way though because you share the same name as my dog… Also you're just all around the sweetest guy ever~ Stop trying to be straight bb.

Goldy: You're awesome… I accept everything about you and love every bit of it ,I'm there for you when you need to talk and you're there for me, thank you for being as kind and wonderful as you are 

Korrok: THANK YOU FOR HELPING ME INSTALL WINDOWS. You've been such a cool guy and I thank you for tolerating me :3 You'll always be the best leader of Epitaph in my eyes (no offense daft). We still gotta get drunk and party on wakfu.

Majoras: You were the first person to run me through UBs and teach me how to do the hard dungeons. Thanks to you I was able to become a better player and improve. There aren't many people that are as patient as you are with me, and I appreciate it. You're a very dear friend 

Animal Control: Sucha bro, like mi gawd you're the best. Skype calls with you, Luker, and Daft make for a good time. Hope you keep being a pro pvper, let the haters hate on yo fine ass.

Luker: You're pretty much the british, male version of me. Best.Friend.Ever. Not much needs to be said because it's all disgustingly obvious… words aren't enough anyways ya cant.

Bonar the Barbarian: You're muh brah, hombre, bb boi, errthang that's swiggity swaggin'. I'll prove you wrong about internet friends never lasting! You're swanky.
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Strafe/Zylora - My honey boo boo bf, You're amazing and always there for me. I love you~

Hawki - You're my bro! I'm always here for you man smile -bro/sis fist explosion!-

Lynxes - I have tables ready to be flipped for you, man tongue

Night - you're crazy and whacky and that's what I love about you.

Mithos - You'll always be my guild son -hugs-

The Force - May the force always be in your favor. Oops! wrong quote ^w^ I'll always remember the good times we had back in the old days.

GoldenClockwork - You have no idea how much I love you. Don't ever change my good friend.

Varuru/Nur - You're always welcome to Amakna for some Amaknian Greetings! -kisses cheeks- ^^

Just My Luck - You're my favorite politics partner in crime! Let's rule the world one day!

Kahlua - My favorite gal pal wink

Faded - You're the most rational and cool-headed guy I know. Even though we may argue a lot I still love you as brother and sister. Don't change, Noobette~

Mini - I always feel like we can discuss politics over a cup of tea ^^ -bows to Mr. King-of-Brakmar-

Zithia - I demand you to draw me! JustKiddingYouDon'tHaveTo ;o; xoxo Gossip Gurl~~ or do we not do that? ?_?

Snausages - You're amazing and always fun to talk to. I hope to catch you more on TeamSpeak biggrin

Love y'all,
Guild mistress of Illuminati
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