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By Miniloki June 18, 2014, 04:49:24
This probably doesnt go here , but i mean he is a sram , sooo stickysheetz ... before i get to asking class questions ... was your name stickysheetz on dofus as well? because i had a really good friend named that awhile back and well it just kind of seems ironic xD... and well yeah i'm really curious now
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Haha you found me. Yes I was, With that name i was an eca, Lubriderm was my srams name. On Rosal Server, or if it was very long ago I was on rushu until about levle 60's.
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awwww hell yeah its always nice finding old friends , idk if you'd remember my xelor , but i used to play with you and bluepaladin alot back then xD. And i did play on rushu with you as well for a bit. I had my iop lordleo , and my xelor was devilsguardians-son , though i did forget who i mained for awhile when we first met xD
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hahaha nooo wayy!!! ya ofc i remember you. blue still plays too man! add us. stickysheetz/bluepaladin/cadex
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yeah yeah , ill try to find you , if not hit me up on Dokoro/lilniqqa
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