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Wakfu IRL I guess?

By HateSpawn - MEMBER - June 17, 2014, 02:19:03
So apparently some of my closest friends in game weren't aware of the "revamp" to my appearence, so I feel like I should revive a certain tradition we noxians had.

I guess I'll start off with the picture most people are used to seeing of me,

That was always one of my favorites. But back in march I got most of it buzzed off, and I got another haircut in mid may. Here is what I look like now. (This was taken literally an hour ago, just after graduation, excuse the hat-hair)

So how about you guys? whats changed over the past 2 years?
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Ive gotten pretty cute I must say
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Should I cosplay? huehue

I think Hate should cosplay.
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so you've grown a lower face? great job.
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meh, I think he looks cute. I don't like the buzz cut but it's probably growing back.

Either way, I honestly don't like the fact that there is some odd preference out there that says guys should get their hair shaved big time just to look "groomed".

Always could style and manage upkeep on the longer do, but I guess it depends on the person and how much they are willing to spend time on maintenance.

Rock whatever look you want Hate
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