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For People Like Me

By IDCAA - MEMBER - May 18, 2014, 05:06:30
We've built walls—fortresses—to sheild us from a world that can be harsh and critical of who we've found ourselves to be. But, did you know, that way may have been put there on purpose? What if what someone once called weird, and rejected as an after thought, was a magnificent design of purpose and cause? What if your ability, or some might say, "inability," to speak before a crowd or a large group, was else where seen as a strength, enabling strong one on one dialogue with someone that matters—that your existence, to that person, can be the difference between life or death?

In a world that seems to misrepresent, or all out disregards love, we can be prone to joining the band-wagon in saying: "I will do to them what they did to me." But let's not fall for that old trick. Let's not endeavour to top the wrong that has been done to us—or as gamers, 1up those who may have done us harm. We were fashioned in love; and because of it, there exists a portion in all of us that knows how to accept it. Life as we all know, isn't filled with rainbows and sunshines at all times (or relic fragment drops), and so, that portion that is capable of decerning true love—that is—true compassionate love, can earnestly seek to receive that love from others in the times of our lifes' storms—causing us to sometimes unknowingly do the very opposite of that which we seek!

Remember, there are strengths and weaknesses for everyone you may encounter, and everyone is on a different part of the road that leads to progress—and that's where the journey will really begin. Once progress has been perceieved, that opens up options for choices of increase for the beholder. What are strengths, and what are weaknesses? Strengths are really only weaknesses that have had the opportunity to mold us; garnishing the shine that's beneath layers of learned false self worthlessness—producing a better character to make not only our own lives blessed, but others' aswell.

You aren't a loner, you aren't a weirdo, you aren't awkward and you aren't a freak—or anything else the adversary might have said you are; or worse, anything you yourself wrongfully believed about yourself in response to it. You have worth, you have potential in matters of importance! What's important is not what is on TV or in what is the latest gossip. Importance manifests itself in that one kid in your class or neighbourhood, who no one thinks is worth it becuase they aren't cool to be seen with—and many of us thoughout life has been that one kid. Were you not important? YOU WERE! =)

Humility is seeing the blessings that we've been given by the One who says "It is good enough; it is worthy." Your short comings, when you've learned to conquor them, are chances you get to help others overcome battles of their own. There is no better joy than that; no greater expression of love than that to make someone else smile and feel their true self worth; who, though for a season was marred with layers of grime, were made in the image of the One who seeks our greater good—the people like me.

Now, I'm off. I have a Sadida to level~
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