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Help with Subscribing!

By RageKage91 December 13, 2013, 16:20:20
So I keep trying to sub now but I'm about to give up. Everytime I try to sub it tells me you're payment has not been accepted. I have over 8,000 in my bank account so i know its not getting delined. I have made 2 tickets and been waiting but…. no reply or help at all. It's ridiculously hard to get in touch with ankama anyway and I've tried paypal credit card(switched it to debit card inn their menu) and neither works. It tells me the same thing each time. I called my bank and they said there aren't even any attempted charges….

I'm getting really annoyed but i've been patient up till now. Just assuming i was doing something wrong. I could really use some help. Thank you
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Hi Rage!

You're not alone in experiencing this I can promise you. In fact, there are threads here, here and heretalking about the same problem, and they're only recent ones! The only help I can offer you is to post on one, or all, of those threads with a short description of what is happening and your ticket numbers. Then, I would send an Ankabox to either of our Community Managers, ]Troyle or ]Sabi. To send an Ankabox, just follow the links to their profiles, click on the gold bar that has their name, and a little pop out should appear. On the left side of that pop out is an icon that is an orange envelope with yellow arrows,click that then click Send Message. Remember to tell them whats been happening in detail, what account isn't working, the country you're in, the payment methods you've tried and your ticket numbers.

Unfortunately Rage, Support are currently flooded and it takes a long time to hear back from them. In future if you have any issues at all I would urge you to use the Technical Issues sub forum, as it gets a lot of traffic from our CMs and our Moderation team. I wish you the best of luck and hope that you can subscribe soon Rage! biggrin 
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