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Unusual things about your Wii Console

By Jtwin November 30, 2013, 23:31:41
Whaddup wink This is my first Off Topic topic. I was wondering if you have experienced anything weird about your Wii console. For example. Your Wii had froze when you was playing a application or a game. Or it keeps saying a error has occurred on new games. The weird thing about my brother's Wii... It was on a edge.. It kept falling on the floor. It still works for some reason. Nintendo had really worked hard to make sure a Wii doesn't stop function :O
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I really never had a problem with my Wii. I think I only played it a handful of times but it ran great!

I did grab a Wii U! What you have heard is pretty much correct. Most people think it's ridiculous since they can play most of the games on the Wii anyways. I honestly still have hope for it. I've been looking forward to an HD Zelda game for quite awhile now, so I know I'll grab that. I like how you can grab HD games on the Wii U now, but ya... For the most part, the original Wii will do!
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I'm going to buy a Wii U in the coming months o.o

SSB4 ftw ;o
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