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Karibd's diary, Magmog

By khackt - MEMBER (+) - June 28, 2013, 00:40:40
since we got no prequests anymore (and the whole wakfu is determined to total simplification)
i just thought that its really sad that noone will ever know again the story of the flaming gobball,
now new dudes just come and kick its ass, not giving a duck about what life does he have behind :c

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I've read it before.... But no problem ^^....
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Did you know that there is dragon/selatrop words there?

What I could translate was this:

'aire u le livre sur la tete et a faite tr mal.
c'est ce moment l pu'il abosrba toutes les sources de chaleur enri.

It's french, but don't know the meaning at all xD But it seems to be the same as the book's text.
You can see the dragon alphabet here.

Spoiler (click here to show spoiler)

Karibd and Silar found a book about Ancient Eliatrope magic...
They built a zaap to Rushu's dimension/world.
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Hmm... Sorry for really late reply... But never noticed....... Though it makes sense now!
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which reminds me, i forgot to add the page 2 of chapter 1, will fix that tomorrows.

21st Novamaire 20:
Finally! We managed to set fire to a Gobball without it dying. I've called him Magmog. He does a brilliant job of heating up the room. In fact, he's better than a real fire! Although, he has already burnt two pairs of pants and a rug by rolling over them. I think he might prove quite costly![/blockquote]
unfortunately this is all i could obtain from the translation file, such a shame i didnt post the screenshot of that second page.
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