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Foggernaut Feedback Round Two

By hey-hi#9507 - MEMBER - May 03, 2023, 08:56:08
The Good
  • Changing SP generation to be centered on the turret rather than the number of stacks an enemy has was a welcome change that smoothed out this particular aspect of the class play pattern. Thank you devs on that one.
  • Removing the LoS requirement on the turret allows for easier setup of Charring's AoE or  Current collisions or just placing it in the best position possible to hit as many targets as possible. Nice
  • The buff to transition making it a strong option for moving the turret around was also a very good change.
  • Allowing the turret to gain health(and the heal) upon upgrade was a good way to address the turret's initial durability issues, however I feel that once max level is achieved the turret should still be able to be healed for half the amount and any overflow should be converted to armor. Reason being that once I've gone through the hassle of upgrading the turret, I'd really like to protect my investment of AP, WP and time rather than leave it to die because I just have less options to work with by virtue of it being max level.
  • The Fogginator change to a 2 turn cooldown and it's 1 AP cost for deactivation allows for situational playing around things like the Patience passive(turn off Fogginator, you'll have full Patience stacks by the time the cd comes back up which allows for the use of stasis spells like hypertension and stasis flux during the mode which normally not wise to do). I like this a lot. My preference would be for the spell to not go on cooldown again if you deactivate it but I can live with it.
  • Activation is an interesting passive that has made a single target melee build feel playable, for me at least (though I can assure you it wasn't playable before). More playstyle variety and therefore variety in spell usage is a plus for me. Also more armor!

The not so Good
  • Heavy Duty Covering is still a suicidal passive. I suggest the following redesign, 300% of level as HP Fogginator no longer provides 50% DI but  you reflect  60% of damage taken to it's source (note you'd still have stasis damage conversion so the reflect would be stasis as well).
  • Switching is a random addition lifted from Masqueraider's kit that serves no purpose at all in the Foggernaut's kit. We could at least waste slots on passives that actually try to use the tools at the Foggernaut's disposal.
  • Energy Moderator renders some spells borderline unusable, Pilfer is the prime example
  • Scuttle is clunky to set up particularly for ranged builds in my experience which don't have the luxury of keeping a target close to the turret. Perhaps expand the condition to require that the target be aligned with the turret.
  • Fire Thrower, Dissolution and Evaporation need one more cell of range to feel a bit better to use for ranged builds, I feel like I'm getting a bit too close for comfort with FT and Disso while I only feel like using Evaporation if High pressure is stacked up which I don't think is good.
  • Dissolution is still difficult to stack up to at melee range due to your water options at that distance being very limited. I propose that Current be changed to a single target push, this would address the problem of current not being practical at melee range make collisions easier to pull off and make building up High Pressure easier for melee setups.
  • I maintain that blocks from Earthy Assistance should last two turns instead of one.
  • Gunner mode and rails feel like abandoned afterthoughts in the kit at the moment. Rails, to me, feel particularly bad because of how Foggernaut's WP economy has changed due to the turret cost change. The turret naturally takes precedence so until you're overflowing with SP you don't have much WP to go around for setting up rails and subsequently Gunner mode. This and rail passives are still not worth a slot and gunner mode doesn't have anything to incentivise its use.

Other things
  • Trampling I believe needs it's "one use per target" limit removed so that it can be a more consistent tool for locking down targets in melee builds.
  • I feel like a passive is needed that allows any turret hit on an enemy to generate SP not just the end of turn shots.

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I think there are two things I would emphasize from here. First being the Switching passive is a bit uninspired. I hope it can just a placeholder until they brainstorm something else. Second, is the clash between Microbots and Turret, especially with passives that seemingly encourage Microbot spam (Winding Roads and Transport Tech). Something that alleviates the heavy WP expenditure would be amazing.
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Some followup observations:
Damage sources that deal damage on an enemy's turn (i.e Flambe glyph, Dissolution poison, Hot Wheels) do not get to benefit from Brutal Transfer because the buff wears off at the end of your turn. It'd be great if the buff wore off at the start of our next turn (then apply the new one at the same time of course) so that indirect damage sources also get to benefit from Brutal Transfer.

Gunner doesn't extend the range of Turret and Stasis Flux. Energy Moderator does though so I can safely say Gunner is bugged in this regard.

Ambush damage doesn't scale with the turret's level. For thematic/mechanical consistency it probably should.

Flambe glyph doesn't turn stasis purple under Fogginator. This is purely cosmetic but make my flames purple Ankama<_<.

Activation will always use the closest turret never the strongest turret, which is fine for water and not great for fire and earth.

Ambush becomes unpredictable when two turrets are involved.

Kinda wish the microbot Transition will teleport to was highlighted for planning purposes, this game does not like equidistant entities in it's "what is closest?" checks.

Personally I'd like the option to self cast Bombardment and Trampling, just to give the spells more options for melee gameplay (even ranged to be honest when it comes to locking in destruction shot).
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" I'd really like to protect my investment of AP, WP and time rather than leave it to die because I just have less options to work with by virtue of it being max level. "

Use Earthly Assistance and place a blockade near the turret. smile
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I can do that at any turret level, the problem arises when that becomes pretty much my only option because I upgraded too hard or something.
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Could Energy Moderator give Force of Will (like 20 or 30 I don't know) instead of Armor given, I've never liked Armor given being the bonus since we can already give a hefty amount of protection to allies without it, whereas Force of Will would make Trampling stick a bit better and make us a bit more resilient to ap amd mp sapping.

Also could Hammer Claw remove dodge instead of giving us lock. We already get a hefty amount of lock with Versatility, so I feel it would be more effective at that point to remove dodge.
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hey-hi#9507|2023-06-17 16:39:01
I can do that at any turret level, the problem arises when that becomes pretty much my only option because I upgraded too hard or something.

Apparently that was addressed as the latest Beta changelog adds:
  • Turret
    • Removed the 1/target cast restriction.
    • A turret can only be improved once per turn.
    • It is possible to heal a Turret even when it's level 4.
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