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Fogger ruined :(

By semis#7243 - MEMBER - December 29, 2022, 13:25:22
Unfortunately the Fogger is now officially ruined. It was already in a very bad state as it is and now the latest changes have made it very clear; fogger is no longer fun character to play.
I wasted all this time and money to get fogger higher lvl and geared up and it all screwed up thanks to these changes.
Cant really play much aoe fogger when your aoe spells have turned into Single target spells with same AP costs... Ridiculous.

Can someone recommend a new main hero to begin lvling which could use my foggers gear.
Fogger is mainly into Aoe close combat with Water/Earth elements.
Plenty of lock and dodge too.
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if you dont want to transmute elements, elio maybe. having wind would be nice but the big water aoe plus the earth spells you can do some neat stuff already
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Anything that can handle solo play is what I must go for. Fogger did quite nicely up to 160s and then it slowed down. I just cant afford to get yet again new set of armors for 125+
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Probably water/earth elio
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Since you're solo go with an Ouginak, more self sufficient
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I have seen Ouginaks deal quite a lot of dmg. I just want to play something simple, not too mechanical. Playing this game for fun, not to hurt brains with all the reading of mechanics.
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I completely agree with this assessment.
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It's weird.
They didn't make the class any harder to play or make it more versatile, they just made it more tedious to play and streamlined it's skills even more. So the new Fogger is [still] spamming the same spells over and over, while taking longer to spam them.
And to top it all off, they kinda killed off certain builds.

For an MMO with customizable skills and gear, this rework really seems to be fighting with the game design.
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i like fogger rework overall, i think you guys underestimate how much of a passive boost to the whole team they can be.
Being able to build a whole rail base and -res while supporting or doing dmg at same time depending on your build is op. Tho i wish rails would cost nothing apart from the turn limit , it sometimes feels limiting to rebuild what you already placed
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post build plz.

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