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Foggernaut combat animations

By PeachPatrol#6800 - MEMBER - September 19, 2022, 06:02:35

Why doesn't the foggernaut have a combat idle animation? 

With the 1.77 update addressing eniripsa animations, this seems like an important problem that is being overlooked.

I'm a new player, testing out different classes I find interesting, but when I was looking at the foggernaut I noticed it has no idle animation. The animations were so impressive for other classes, like sadida, eniripsa, and osamodas, I was expecting something great, but there's nothing at all. They just have a still image of them standing there. It's really turning me off from the class despite it being mechanically interesting.

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I mean i guess it kinda makes sense because they are a robot, so standing still feels mechanical.
But yeah i'd prefer an animation as well

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