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By Hydriouz#2288 - MEMBER - December 16, 2020, 14:30:16

Has anybody found any use for them?
IMO turrets need to be revamped... or a passive that makes them behave like in the past, where you could play them as if they were summons, needs to be implented.

The 4 AP for the damage they output is just not worth it, it is way too much of a "lucky bet" at this point.

I would say, change them back to their Summon Behaviour.
OR make them playable and moveable in the following manner.

The Turret has 4mp and it's own turn, the turret fires on the beginning of it's turn and after firing the turret can be repositioned by the foggernaut by means of using it as if it were a summon. The turret will also fire any enemy standing in line with it on the same conditions as it currently is at the start of the enemy's turn.

This makes the chance to hit something with the turret significantly higher but not break it too much.
I'd also increase their health by a factor of 0.5x since they are WAAAY to easily killed.

Please turn the turret into something more usefull instead of a pain.

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I use turrets on my 119 Fog. I must say they are useful at times, but I don't understand how they function. Sometimes they just sit through fight with 0 shots, sometimes they shoot more than enough. Sometimes they shoot 1 square around the turret and sometimes (most of the times) not. 

Turrets are very strange. I still use them since 2x of those can deal decent amount of extra damage if need it.

Oh that's why the turret didn't hit around it when it wasn't on the rail. I was thinking if it had something to do with the rail but never figured it out biggrin

THANK YOU that cleared the turrets out a lot now.

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they hit at the beggining and end of the turn of anyone in their range
they have 2 modes:
On a rail: anythign within 2 cells of the turret
Off a rail: anything between 2 and 5 range, but only in line

Pushing a turret or on off a rail will actually swap the mode, but unfortunately has no visual identifier

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