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MiiiiKy's guide to Earth/Water CC PvE Fogger (2020)

By MiiiiKy#4307 - MEMBER - July 10, 2020, 09:33:03

The Fogger was the first class in 2020 to receive a full revamp, many Fogger mains were hugely disappointed by the revamp, damage wise it was a nerf, this is undeniable, Foggers used to be way simpler and stronger but, in my opinion, also boring.. Just use Stasis and win, no need to use other elements anyway so most Foggers just focus on mono-element gears and spam Stasis all day, since the revamped Stasis became a state with drawbacks to it most Fogger mains disliked it but I actually find the class way more interesting and appealing now so I decided to make a guide to help anyone struggling with it!

excl ATTRIBUTES excl
Intelligence - 10 Elemental Resistance; X % Health Points
Strength - 20 Melee Mastery; X Elemental Mastery
Agility - ALL Lock and Dodge
Fortune - 20 % Critical Hit; 20 % Block; X Rear Mastery
Major - 1 Action Points; 1 Movement Points and Damage; 1 % Damage Inflicted; 1 Elemental Resistance

X = Rest of points

excl SPELLS excl

fire Fire Branch fire
- Flambé (3AP; 1-3 Range; Single-Target)

water Water Branch water
- Current (2AP; 1-2 Range; Single-Target; -10% criticals; 2 uses per target)
- Evaporation (4AP; 3-4 Range; Zone; Teleport to cell; 1 use per turn)
- Froth (4AP; 1-1 Range; Zone)
- Outpouring (3AP; 1-3 Range; Zone; Move closer 2 cells; 1 use per target)

earth Earth Branch earth
- Pummel (5AP; 1-3 Range; Single-Target)
- Trampling (3AP; 1-3 Range; Single-Target; -3MP; 1 use per target)
- Bombardment (2AP; 1-2 Range; Single-Target; 3 uses per turn)
- Hammer Claw (4AP; 1-3 Range; Zone; Attracts 2 cells)
- Shebang (6AP, 1WP; 0 Range; Zone)

neutral Actives neutral
- Blockade (3AP, 1WP; 1-4 Range; Summons Blockade that protects allies within 3 cells from it)
- Microbots (1AP +1 per recast in same turn; 0-7 Range; Places Microbot that form Rails when connected)

neutral Passives (From most important to least) neutral
- Energy Moderator (+20% Damage; Can't generate WP by killing Stasified enemies)
- Gear Amputation (Starts with Overheat and Overpressure at Lv2; Cannot be Removed; Cannot increase level)
- Heavy Duty Covering (-3 Max WP; +600% HP of Level)
- Wakfu Reactor (Starts with 2WP; -50 Elemental Resistance)
- Carnage (+15% Damage)
- Transportation Technology (+3 max Microbots Rail size; Max Microbot is now 6; -1MP)

- Attributes
  • Why Dodge and Lock?
Because of Gear Amputation our Fogger will have both Overpressure and OVerheat always at Lv2, while the Distance damage bonus won't be useful for a CC build the level of Fogger in Dodge will be, placing Dodge and Lock allows our Fogger to be a decent locker while being able to maneuver around enemies with ease
  • Why Rear Mastery?
Evaporate can allow the Fogger to get many cheap backstabs, since our Fogger doens't have a way to increase it's %crit, backstabs are more reliable than Critical Mastery and, once again because of Gear Amputation, you will be able to use Evaporate freely since it won't change OVerpressure into Overheat and the extra Dodge might allow you to just simply move behind them, if you're not satisfied with this you can change it to Critical Mastery but, like I said, it isn't as reliable

- Stasis State:
Because we are going with Energy Moderator, getting WP back from killing Stasified enemies isn't a thing in our build so Stasis should only be used if the enemy is weak against Fire or Air, the elements we ain't focusing on, if the enemy can be killed with Earth or Water, don't bother entering this state or just remove it, using WP spell in the Stasis state should also be calculated, like using Shebang in a group of at least 3 mobs

- Skills:
  • Evaporated Backstaber
Evaporate can be freely used to get backstabs, Gear Amputation won't allow Overpressure to change into Overheat so it should be always used, be aware of the distance you use it tho', using it as far as 1 to 2 cells will make the damage become based on distance, not melee, if the enemy is resistant to Water you should evaluate if it's better to just maneuver around it or enter Stasis State first (specially if the target isn't weak to neither Earth or Water)
  • Hammer Claw + Froth
Hammer Claw pulls enemies 2 cells close, Froth has a 3 cell lateral AoE in front of the Fogger, using the Hammer Claw to get an enemy in line with another before spamming Froth can be quite effective, specially in Stasis state where both Hammer CLaw and Froth will be effective.
  • Back-up Blockade
Because we are going with Wakfu Reactor passive we have a -50 Elemental Resistance, for a CC that can be quite bad, that's where the Blockade is effective, if you see yourself in a bad situation just place one and the -50 resistance won't matter much, because the HP of the Blockade is based on the Fogger's HP that's the main reason we picked Heavy Duty Covering, not only for a HP bulkier Fogger that would counterweight the -50 resistance but also for a bulkier Blockade
  • AP Efficient Microbots
Casting Microbots once costs only 1AP but the spells gets their cost increased by +1AP every time you cast it in the same turn, so if you're looking for a more efficient way to build rails, using the skill once every turn is the best way, if you need to approach a enemy, analyze if it's better to build rails or rely on Evaporate, if you only need 2 Microbots for a small rail to get to a enemy's back then go for it, rails can also be quite useful for bosses as allies can use them too
  • What's with the lonely Fire Spell, Flambé?
Ah.. That's for Stasis State, you see, all of the Fogger's 3AP spells in Earth and Water have use conditions of "X uses per target / turn", Flambé is simply a 3AP spell without this condition which makes it spammable, that's it
  • Gear Amputation is OP, fight me!
Gear Amputation is the best passive for a CC Fogger by far, like I said before, not needing to worry with Evaporate turning OVerpressure into OVerheat is already a big plus that allows Evaporate to be used more freely for backstabs, the addition of having OVerheat gives the Fogger extra Dodge that makes him quite nimble and, on top of that, you can play more defensively since relying on Overpressure makes the Fogger always needing to be close to enemies, what if enemies are too far to catch up or you're low in HP and need to be healed? Sure you can turn it back with Outpouring but when Overpressure turns into Overheat in passing of turns it won't level up, it will simply change, not having to worry about all of these makes this passive a god send, unless you're going with a Distance build were getting Overheat is easier then I always suggest picking this

excl Conclusion excl
The new Fogger isn't as simply and strong as the previous one but he ain't a pushover either, they can be quite strong while also being mobile and tanky, he can also be a great help for teams with Rails and Blockade, ever since the revamp I've been using one in my main team and he hasn't disappointed me since, he might not be as powefull as a, let's say, an Iop but he sure is more reliable and useful team setting wise, one thing is for sure, they are way more interesting to play now instead of the previous boring "Just spam stasis spells" set-up.
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Score : 5935
Agrees, instead of just merely stasis pewpewpew previously, now is showing more intelligent and fun to team up with~ 
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Score : 91
i have few complaints ,while we steamers/foggers aren't spaming stasis as before , we now are spawming pummel, or froth. what's more ,the blockade has too many downsides to be called an useful perk.You need to build overpressure to the blokade have any consirable ammount of hp, that the enemy doesnt move either player or blocade out of range,that the enemy doesnt depawn the blocade,the the enemy keep oneself at controlable range,the steamer  starting with 0 wp while having awful ways to regain wp (counting passives level 50 and beyond). then,most spells have 4 or more, and doesn't have effects that justify the cust,the evaporation you said it was a nice spell for backstabs,look at 1 turn,level 50 pespective, most characters would kill at least one monster with 8 pa,but when using evaporation,you would lose overpressure,and have almost no pa to deal backstab damage,and that steamer has no perks like sram about backstabs besides the regular modifyier,that still doesn't matter much. What's more, evaporation doesn't have that much damage on itself nor enough buffs, or perk to justify spenting 4 pa. Talking  about evaporation was only a tip of the iceberg , 5 pa for the spell pummel is abmismal in cust /benefit ,a level 20 player wouldn't have another play after using it and the armor wouldn't increase one gameplay, only stall it,and the worse part is the second effect of pummel, 5pa to push a target only 1 cell, without even adding another benefit effect?clearly awful.
Most of the  stuff you added about the guide are oriented to level 125,lvl 20 to 100 players have little to about no use of those, be it because the passives, or because the high cust spells, with low benefits.Stasis is weaker in general when compared to being able to use the best of your other elements, because while  you could had used 1 pw to get 10% damage increase,more 50 resistence, 2 pm, push or pull 2 cells,add tatical advantage with buffs or debuff,you spent 1 pw with stasis, to do the same thing you would do without it, while not adding tatical advantage.While some could sugest something about advantage of hiting the  weakest resistence,you cust just do your best without the weakest resistent,improving your gameplay and your own element,and still keeping 1 pw,and without wasting the pw you would lose with the stasis transfomation.Talking about Overheat/pressure ,it's too clunky to be used all way around,the enemy can push/pull,or just not be there,and then you lose everything ,because hidden ,stealth mechanics  and visual bugs, besides giving just close combat or distance combat doesn't really adds to elaborate gameplay.My conclusion,every spell need to be lowered 1 pa,or added more perks,so the players can use more spells per turn, the passives needs to be unlocked before level 100, so the new players can have a more solid option about the class,and the class need a more charming identity, because nor stasis, nor overpressure/heat are charming enough to atract new players.i liked when the rails custed 1 pa, when overheat and overpressure could've played more flexiblely,thou i welcomed armor spell, and how close combat got more attention, giving focused damage isn't the way,well,i wished that no matter the builds both buffs could have equal importance.The turrent doesn't need to be dealing damage,but it could at least not be pa wasting. Cannoneer,i don' think should have been even added,too much extra steps for something that gives straight benefits when also dismissing the class as whole.Cloth armor,not sure if adding the  resistence that way is a constructive way of playing,probably not.Final argument,we need Pw!that's something that creates oportunity in gameplay, for attack,and to defend, starting with 0 pw is the same as saying kill me,there are monsters and players that can remove pw,so even if you starts with 3 pw due to passives, you would still be hungry at pw,what's more, there is a Dg lvl 50 called koko dungeon, i guess,that one of the challenges is keep your pw high every turn to gain acess to bonus battle, but it's impossible to for the steamer/fogger
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Score : 91
i'd recomend a zone build better than a melee build thou,because most of the spells are zone effects,and the few that aren't like pummel,you can still use just for armor or it's other  benefits.Reason i said that is because i belive that steamer needs use most of their resources,and wanting or not, part of it is being able to attack at a distance,or attacking at close range.I'm going to bring some of the classes that has similar ideas in question of being all ranges(not ranged,said ranges), huppermage , eliotrope ,sram, xelor(yeah...),enutrof,panda,sadida
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Score : 6295
A bit of advice, when trying to phrase your thoughts try to do it in a presentable way so there will be more incentive to read it, not trying to be condescending here just giving a real advice. It's a bit hard to take everything in consideration but I will try

1. About going full Zone, I discord, while this would make them more all-arounder with both Melee and Distance it would also be, with the pardon of the words, a pain in the a*s.. Most of the Zone spells, with exception of Froth and Shebang, have low AP/Damage ratio, specially the Fire Spells Fire Thrower and Blazing Fire and the Earth Spell Hammer Claw, on top of that there are Single Target spells that are very useful for damaging like Pummel, Current, Bombardment (Which you can easily build stacks if you are out of range) and even Flambé

2. Blockades aren't suppose to be used as a main thing, like I said, they are backups in case you see yourself in a bad situation so you shouldn't rely on them, it's true that the previous Blockades are better and that's why I understand the nerf, I mean, a Fogger could easily tank Dragon Pig without breaking a sweat so I get the nerf

3. Your WP should be taken in consideration and used sparely, the reason why my build only has one damaging spell with WP on it is because it's Shebang and the damage and AoE of that think is too good to pass up but for the most part, if a enemy can be killed using Earth or Water then don't bother going Stasis State, just kill them normally and save that for mobs that are weak against Air or Fire

4. Overheat and Overpressure ARE too clunky to be used efficiently, I agree, that's why we are picking Gear Amputation, now you have both at Lv2, no worry about distance or anything like that and, in this build in particular, the bonus Dodge from Overheat can be also used to freely move around mobs to get easy backstabs so it's a win-win

I get that old Fogger was stronger and simpler to use but the new Fogger is also pretty efficient himself, my build isn't the best for damage since Distance focus is still stronger since it's way easier to build Overheat than Overpressure but it's the build I liked and in the end the important thing is to have fun.
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Score : 91
Thank you . Good guide, keep the good work
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Score : 45
Which sublimations do you recommend for this build ?
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Score : 6295
Didn't got that far, my guy, sorry
My Fogger isn't Lv200 yet and he is a full PvE build as do not intend on going PvP, will only bother myself with Sublimations by end-game, again, sorry that I can't help with that
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Score : 5935
Personally, if can will put Agility stat 20 point in Force of Willpower, as Dodge and Lock still can be obtain mainly from Green & Blue socket from Enchanting to Rings, but not for FoW case. It will at least some point for Trampling -MP more easily.
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Score : 6295
Yes, it's possible, if your main goal is to use the MP removal of Trample then it will be quite useful indeed
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Score : 95
Thank you for the guide! I can try this build once I have the proper levels for the passives, I find that the passives level requirement are too high for me, currently only lvl107. I wish the level requirements for the passives are adjusted a bit and maybe less negative stats, most class passives are all positive! haha I'm a returning player and current fogger main and I'm loving him compared to how I remember foggers years ago. I can be very versatile, from a damage dealer to a tank, switching stasis is awesome! 
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Score : 6295
I too agree that these new passives require quite the high level.. I already don't like the fact they also give negatives but the requirement is one of the main issues with them..

And yes, previous Foggers were boring.. I wouldn't touch that class in any way shape or form before, not because they were bad but just because they weren't interesting.. I just hope Xelor, Osamoda and Masqueraider get the Fogger treatment and not the Feca treatment..
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Score : 5935
pizzadoughnut|2020-07-20 01:31:59
I also do have some issues with some skills, like turrets not firing even if the enemy is in line of sight and having little hp (maybe I'm too low level at the moment to enjoy it?) and also ...


You can check the spell stat's description again, only in-game, whereby the turrets on rail or not? The range it target will result different. 
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Score : 95
Yup, I've read the description and have tested it both on a rail (shorter aoe range) and not on a rail (longer linear range). Sometimes my turrets won't attack at all even if the enemy starts and ends beside it. Even in range, sometimes it'll attack in enemy's turn and then even in range, won't attack after turn end and vise versa, and again, sometime won't attack entirely.
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Score : 16
Can you share about gears ?
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Score : 6295
Mostly just gears with Melee Mastery will do, you can also choose to get a shield on the second hand instead of a Dagger if you need a reliable off-tank, currently my Fogger is Lv170 so his gears are

Helmet: Stalahelmet - It has Single-Target but it's mostly for the %Block, it also has high mastery compared to all the other options too.
Cape: Blood Cape
Amulet: Hoodfella Amulet - You could also get the Claw Amulet but that one doesn't have %Crit.
Epaulettes: Paradoxal Eppaulettes
Breastplate: Armoretro
Belt : Unabelting
RingA: [Kel'Dwa]
- I opted to keep using this one since it's a ring.
RingB: Sixtooth Ring
Boots: (Woobots) - It has more mastery overall than the Indestructible Boots and it gives AP instead extra MP.
WeaponA: Wooden Riktus Sword
WeaponB: Highly Armored Shield - Need to be crafted but it's a good shield, couldn't find a better one for Lv170 tho'..

[Relic] / (Epic)
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Score : 52
Could you maybe post a screenshot of your stats of your fogger? Then i can see what thing you have focussed on gearwise.
I dont know if i should focus on damage, resistance, or both
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Score : 1277
This guide has been useful as I had no idea how the stats should go.
Do you happen to have a guide that is up to date on where to level / gear?
I am solo player with two sidekicks which are mostly as meatshields due to low dmg they make. Is there good spot somewhere to farm items to make money while gaining decent xp with killing mobs & completing environmental quests?
Atm I have been sitting at Lower Slope because the env. quests have been great and quite speedy to complete. I gain decent xp but killing the Drhellers is harder and usually in groups of 1-3 at tops I kill them. I just don't know really what to kill and all guides I find tend to be heavily outdated (most likely) so can't trust those either.
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Score : 5935
For your level bracket, the Lv.125 Harebourg Tower would be best to farm gears and xp. Depend your playstyle choosing ST/AOE/Melee/Distance can be vary, here is still valid ST + Distance Build for example. If towards Lv.140, suggest Wabbit Island is a good spot. 

For SideKick, either you don't use any single piece of gears, so that they can use their own default build fully, or if you have full set proper runed++ gears on them, then they can have satisfied performance. 
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Score : 1488
As I use 6 heroes, I didn't mind having one of my DDs be very basic. Was one less character to worry about gearing/using my brain. It was pretty satisfying buffing fogger and doing 3 steam hearts but alas.
However for people who only play fogger or have smaller teams, I can see how a change in fogger with more depth is appealing.
I was honestly lost on what to do with my fogger (came back after a long break) but I'll give it a try with your information in mind.

Good guide, thanks for the effort on presentability. 
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Score : 3625
This guide isn't bad as a starting point but it isn't the strongest. I've found that Miiiky's build is good for somewhat higher damage on turn one, and in very short fights, when grinding small packs of mobs outside a dungeon. But it falls off in longer fights in dungeons and against bosses.

In specific he recommends Gear Amputation which really hurts the damage output of the Fogger in the long run compared to fully stacking your High Pressure or Overheating. Also Heavy Duty Covering is pretty bad. I replace it with Stasis Reservoir, which allows me to stack up WP until I have an extra 24-28% damage on turn 6 or 7. 

Long story short I think this build is okay in some scenarios but I believe the true strength of Foggernaut is in it's gradually ramping up damage that allows it to be incredibly strong by the time you reach more than 6 turns.
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Score : 11220
There is a little "cheat" I discovered with Fogger that can be REALLY uaseful on high-lock Melee Foggers:
Gear Amputation + Flaming Carapace.
Gear Amputation NOW was changed to always apply 2 stacks of Overheating and High Pressure at the start of your turn, while Flaming Carapace turns any High pressure stack converted into Overheating in stacks of flaming and a damage buff. With these two passives combine, EVERYTIME you wnd your turn next to an enemy, you will get flaming (and a generous damage of it) and +8% damage buff.
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Score : 1277
That actually sounds nice, wish I was lvl 150 so I had the passive to try Flaming Carapace.
Nop can't really change anything. What I have currently are Heavy Duty Covering for extra HP, Cyclic Battery for 2 stacks of Overheat / High Pressure, Energy Moderator for the extra Dmg%, Carnage for the extra Dmg%
What I could do basically is to swap Carnage for Flaming Carapace. 

I actually tried this, Flaming Carapace deals so low damage it was no point of using it...
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Score : 1277
Granthese|2021-05-21 02:51:34
It might scale up later on, on lv200 the flaming stacks around 90 damage with Light element, what you can do is swap Heavy Duty and Cyclic for Gear and Flaming during short battles and keep your current build for bossfights.

Perhaps, I havent touched much on the abilities since this seems to work. Every time I try to change something, things screw up and I drop damage so much there is just no point in doing it.
I'd really like the Flaming Carapace to be part of my build simply because it takes up to 3 turns to gain max 6 stacks of High Pressure if I dont miss my positioning.
But do you mean that I could swap Heavy Duty to Flaming Carapace? or Cyclic for Gear? Either one of those?
I kind of like the extra HP from Heavy Duty since it gives almost 1k extra hp, my fights arent fast usually. 
Cyclist is just there to speed up to get my stacks, it's fricking annoying to try gain stacks 1 at a turn when the fight ends in 2 or 3 turns: you gain barely any use from the stacks.

Alrighty I noticed that the Flaming actually needs the overheat stacks in order to deal damage what so ever, hence the 0 dmg with what i tried.
Sure for "weaker" and faster fights with carapace it could be useful because its easy 1k hit if enemy stays near, which they most of time time wont btw so its kind of waste. But the 6 stacks without carapace makes me tankier and stronger in the long run. So its all about how fast the fight is over if its any use at all.

You might want to rework / look through the guide. The latest changes to Fogger ruined a lot of things.
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