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Lvl 140 fogger need help with build

By DarkWhyti - MEMBER - August 18, 2019, 14:45:25

Can someone give me good item build for fogger?(Lvl 140) Do i rly need legendary items ?

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well ofc legendary items are good but with the new system u can make mythical items realy good . at that lvl u dont realy need a build u just need some experimenting on ur own with the class its not so hard to find a good way to use it . all i can if ur focsing on dmg take distance mastery and Fire and oil / Advanced post they give u a huge dmg boost on distance 

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sooo i dont rly need legendary items?

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You can survive in mythical items, legendary items imo; are dedicated items if you commit the materials for them, with the new enchantment system, you can have three slots (if you get lucky) depending on the colors it can outmatch legendary items basic stats. Making legendary items is time consuming and by the time you create them you’d probably outlevel them and would want to create the next set of legendary item. If you want to focus on progressing, settle for mythical, if you want to dedicate build for ranking, commit to legendary items as they will add that extra bit of damg you want for pvp/stasis

you can use st/dist gear if you focus on stasis builds for higher damg output. With foggernaut almost stasis moves are ST so you can rely on that to deal an average amount of damg in cc, and with distance the passive will increase that out put. Just mess around with ur passives, when you hit 150 you’ll get another passive slot; which means another option for more damages or whatever roll you prefer

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