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Anyone has any tips for fogger tanking?

By DanChan22 - MEMBER - May 04, 2019, 14:38:37

Everyone just talks about dmg fogger and i want to do something else with it

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Foggernauts are a great class to play! A strong point of them is that regardless of your gameplay, you never deal low damage, even as a Tank you can still help the team finishing off enemies and weakening them or change to Distance combat if needed.

One big feature that the class has is that they can Stabilize themselves very easily through Steamerator or Motherfogger, something that Tanks tend to require very often. Also, they can summon Block that absorb 100% of the damage that you and allies around it receive.

This is the Deck I use:

                     Elemental and Active spells
Pumel and Stomp are the main spells that help you keep your Blocks alive, the first one heals them while the second one increases their HP a lot, something that you need to do often because their base HP is kind of low.

Heart of Steam and Ray of Stasis are your damage dealer spells, even if you go for a tanking build you can always deal a good amount of damage. Remember to use them.

Hammer Claw is useful to attract enemies to the Blocks by 2 cells, also applies Flamming to yourself for additiontal damage and Lock bonus.

Shebang pushes enemies 2 cells back and deals big area damage around you. Maybe you won't be using this one too much as the rest but it helps when it comes to move enemies. You can swap this spell for Flame Fervor  or Motherfogger for increased Mobility, change to distance combat and an additional way to Stabilize yourself (Motherfogger).

Mass Attraction (Idk the name in english) is VERY useful for this build, despite of having Hammer Claw and Shabang Foggernaut don't have a lot of flexibility when it comes to grouping up enemies. This spell can be cast on Blocks to help you on this matter. Also, thanks to this spell you can bypass the cells restriction that Block have (if you summon one next to the other, one of them dissapears) and be able to group them to create a wall.

Cybot and Microbot are siblings spells, your mobility isn't that flexible as Fecas, Sacriers or Pandawas so you need to build Rails. Cybot can help you to position yourself and the Block if needed.

Stasis Flux has 3 uses:[/left]
  • Redirects the dmg that an ally receives to you
  • Redirects the dmg the allies around you receive to youif you cast it on yourself
  • Redirects 50% of the heals that the enemy receives if you cast it on them.

Steamerator: Bonus damage for Stasis spells, a big resistance Boost, Range and Stabilices you. The bad part is that you lose 25% of your current HP and can't summon Blocks. Remember to use this after you've placed your Blocks.


Groove: Increased size of Rails and more Control
Armor Plating: Increased efficiency of Pumel and Stomp, Increased your lower Resistance, Increases the Resistance of allies around your blocks at the start of your turn and everytime you use an Earth Spell you increase your Lock.
Stasis Shield: A big HP boost at the cost of some damage
Critical Turbo: Increases your CH%, WP and enables you the option to recover WP everytime one of your Blocks is destroyed. Also, once the Critical Start state reached lvl 10, you heal yourself 20% of the damage received.
Lock Passive: More lock.6th Passive: Choose what you need. If I have good damage dealers on the party, I'd choose Transfer due to it's passive damage reduction on Stasified enemies that are around the Blocks but reduced your own damage by 20%. If you need damage you can use Advance Post to increase your mobility, range and change to distance combat if you need to.

Inteligence fire: Resistance + Full HP. Your blocks already absorb 100% of the dmg you receive and you will need more HP to counter the 25% you lose every turn under the effect to Steamerator.

Strenght earth: SingleTarget + Elemental Mastery. This way you can increase the HP boost that you apply on your Blocks and keep your stasis damage high at any range.

Agility :tap:: Depends on your team compisition. I went for full Lock because that's what worked of us. If you require the Fogg to start early on the fight then add point on Initiative.

Chance water: 20 Block 20 Critical%. Again, Foggernauts can be DD Tanks, thanks to their passive states Pressure and High Pressure they can get additional dmg, additional CH%, final damage, Range, Block and Willpower. 

Major neutral: AP, MP, Elemental Resistance and later I will get Final Damage. The reason why I don't want to go for Control is because the passive Groove already gives you a bonus of 3 and it isn't that hard to get equipment that increases it even more. Plus, your Blocks don't depend on your Control bonus, they have a passive limit of 4 regardless of how many Microbots you have in play.


That's how I play the Tank Foggernaut. The class have tanking capabilities and good way to mitigate damage. Foggernauts are pretty much inmortal unless the blocks are destroyed but be careful tho, the Blocks are movable objects and are very susceptible to area damage (they will receive double damage if you also get hit).

I also tried using a Fire/Earth build and not using Stasis spells. It worked out decently I have to say, if you focus more on the tanking aspect of the class rather than dealing damage you can totally avoid using Stasis spells and focus on your current role. Having a Fire/Earth Build lets you have your Pressure and High Pressure states maxed every turn if you mix your spells. But even so, I'd recomend you an Earth/Stasis build.

I hope this helps you! happy
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Wow this was a really compete guide, thank you so much

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Yes it did, tank you

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thats weird.
i dont see Steamerator in my spell list. 
how does one obtain that active?

i realize the translation is fogginator.
but how to you get the spell Mass Attraction?
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It is one of the spells that you can get from the Huppermage University (idk the name in english). You need to complete some quests to get it, you can also unlock one that doubles the damage of your weapon and another that increases the dmg dealt of enemies you lock or dodge.

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