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Foggernaut PvE Build for Endgame

By Gwyn - MEMBER - February 12, 2017, 23:45:23
Hello Everyone,

I wanted to ask some of you for advise first of all i want to know which is the most viable PvE
build for Foggernauts right now? What are the strenghts and what are the downsides? Also i
wondered if the steamer could possibly be a viable tank in end game content or if i should leave
that one to a feca.

Thanks for your help and Replies

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Tanking is possible with steamer in moon. My friend tried that, it works. Only that it's way hard.

I think ranged single target stasis build is the best build for now.

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Most viable is Single Target Distance fogger. Some builds differ, standard is all ranged stasis spells, all actives except for stasis flux, then the 2 ap fire and earth spells for when you want to increase blockade health/generate shields/increase damage for next turn via fire spells. It's recommended to get about 5-6 control to either have a square rail system for mother fogger +Cybot to bring maint to it and increase number of blockades in messy situations IE when an ally is going to be hit my kanniball boss. In terms of passives you take everything which buffs final damage, the groove passive and then for the last unlocked passive it's a choice between being able to extend your stasis spells via your cybot or gaining 80 res in your lowest ele while also giving allies res/increasing blockade health (The latter is better imo)
Single target gear is prefered IE de nyl boots and cape are easy gears which are good. If an item offers Ele+distance (IE 50 ele and 50 dis) and another offers 50 ele+50 single target the former is better to pick up usually as it increases the damage on more of your abilities.
In terms of tanking fogger suffers from having very little map manipulation and relying on blockades for help, which is a hinderence in places like kannivore where the boss will just heal off the beacon.

The strengths of fogger is being able to improve your teams mp usage (1mp=3 cells on rails) while dealing heavy damage and bringing strong defensive mechanics IE shields and Blockades. The negatives of fogger is that your high damage requires you to have proper positioning since your spells are linear (outside of mother fogger). If you can't pull damage playing as fogger due to mechanics/can't hit targets for whatever reason your prime role as a DD isn't being fufilled and you become a blockade/aoe spam bot. In dungeons where you can't get linear to a boss due to mechanics (Like sham moon) and cant get into mother fogger to hit the target non-linear your damage is pretty much worthless.

A less viable but somewhat interesting is fire/earth fogger where you play defensive one turn in earth then offensive the next in fire, bouncing around your overheating state and giving shields to allies. (It's pretty bad tho since content is unfriendly to melee (earth) and your passives incentivise a ranged playstyle.) It's intereseting when played with other melee classes which can play around/benefit from the blockades like masq.

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Hit hard and fast.

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