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[Guide] Foggernaut Ranged Stasis Guide

By AeroXZ - MEMBER - July 17, 2015, 01:58:39
Table of Contents:
I. Introduction
II. Build
III. Spells
-a. Active Spells

--i. Stasis
--ii. Fire
--iii. Earth
--iv. Class
-b. Passives
IV. Statistic Points
-a. Intelligence
-b. Strength
-c. Agility
-d. Chance
-e. Major
V. Gear
VI. F.A.Q.
VII. Closing Thoughts

I. Introduction:
Hello everyone, I am posting here to give you all a quick guide to playing a Foggernaut. The specifics of my build lean towards a range-based damage dealer, mostly Stasis and Fire damage related. I will go in-depth as to why I made my choices and why I believe the choices I made will impact you to be a successful Foggernaut. I have bolded, italicized, and underlined certain parts of this guide to make reading it easier, as well as skimming it. I know it is quite a bit of information to take in, but if you skim while hitting all of the bolded, italicized, and underlined parts, you will get the general gist.

II. Build:

Overall I believe this to be one of, if not, the best Foggernaut builds for what I and you aim to achieve. I will go into further detail throughout this guide as to why I made these decisions.

III. Spells:
a. Active Spells:
i. :wind:Stasis:wind:

We begin with our cheapest skill, Ray of Stasis. Ray of Stasis can be used in a variety of ways and is thus staple to our build.

  • Cheap and efficient for finishing enemies
  • Easy to keep Stasified up for cheap cost if you do not plan on focusing that target, but do not want to lose Stasified levels
  • Great AP dump if you are low on AP
  • Can be used in close combat, if necessary

Our next spell is a personal favorite, Stasis Shot. This is ideally what you will be using to do as much damage per turn, barring potential AoE spells. It is a general spell that allows for constant long range damage without being blocked by entities of any kind.

  • Has no conditional limit
  • No line-of-sight required
  • Cheap cost

Stasis Strike is a situational spell. The damage per AP spent is slightly lower, but if you are hitting at least two targets, then the damage per AP spent is higher, more per target.

  • Ranged AoE
  • Can stack levels of Stasified on multiple enemies

This good ol' fart of a skill, Aynaloxide. This is one of our strongest skills. Unfortunately, being mostly ranged, this will not come in handy often, but when it does it will shine and be accompanied by a splendid aroma.

  • High damage for PBAoE
  • Uses a WP which helps our Turbo-Critical passive

All of our Stasis spells apply this debuff, Stasified. It is very potent in that it now reduces a specific resistance, which allows your allies to abuse it too, assuming they are hitting the right element. This is also one of our ways of regenerating WP. Note that you do not have to be the slayer to obtain the WP.

ii. fireFirefire

Our main way of escaping, Flame Fervor. This spell not only does quite a bit of damage, but also utilizes the buff Overheating and Heating.

  • Strong linear AoE damage
  • Uses a WP which helps our Turbo-Critical passive
  • Extremely useful escape
  • Grants Overheating as a nice damage buff
  • Grants Heating for extra damage if you happen to end by an enemy
  • No line-of-sight required
  • Gets boosted range from Fire and Oil passive for longer range dashes

Our long range and massive AoE attack, Steampalm. The AoE on this spell is just huge, and very much worth the pickup.
  • Long range
  • Decent damage
  • Large AoE helps overall damage if multiple targets are hit
  • Great spell to level up others on weak monsters

All of our Fire spells apply one of two buffs to ourselves. The first and most important is Overheating. This buff can scale very quickly and give us a range of benefits. Specifically 1 Range each 100 levels, 1% Final Damage per 10 levels, 1% Critical Hits per 20 levels. The range is not specific to Fire spells and can be utilized for Stasis spells. Half of your levels will switch to High Pressure on your next turn, but on the turn after that half of the High Pressure will become Overheating again (1/4 of your original Overheating).

This is our second buff that our Fire spells apply, Heating. Heating is just a small PBAoE of damage dealt around you at the end of your turn. We focus specifically on range, so being in range for this is a bit counter intuitive, but it can help clear off some enemies who are weak. Also note that it only hurts enemies and not allies or yourself.

iii. earthEarthearth

In this build, Hammer Claw will be mostly utility. The loss of the pull is unfortunate, but the powerful pull gained when used on a Blockade is marvelous. This spell should either be completely leveled, or not leveled at all. If you plan on picking up Earth damage gear and want the AoE pull to hurt, then by all means level it. If you are focusing complete Fire damage and only want to use this for the pull alone, then do not level it. Another thing that Earth spells provide is High Pressure and Pressure. High Pressure will not be very useful in our damage dealing build, but half of it gets converted into the damage dealing version, Overheating.

  • No line-of-sight required
  • Small AoE
  • When used on a blockade, provides an even bigger AoE along with a nice pull
  • Can be used to pull allies to safety/enemies to danger
  • If you are built for earth damage, will pack a hefty punch

Shebang, and oh baby she moves. This is an alternative to Hammer Claw in this build. The point is similar to Hammer Claw in that when used on the Blockade, it will cause displacement. The only difference is that it will push instead of pull, costs 1 AP and 1 WP more, and is non-ranged. In most cases Hammer Claw wins, but if you feel you prefer Shebang, then by all means switch them out. This spell does generate more High Pressure, which leads into more Overheating on your next turn.

  • Bigger AoE
  • When used on a blockade, provides an even bigger AoE along with a nice push
  • Can be used to push allies to safety/enemies to danger
  • If you are built for earth damage, will pack a hefty punch

Like our Fire spells, our Earth spells apply two buffs on use. The first buff is High Pressure. This is the other half of Overheating. You won't gain this buff much outside of using Fire spells and waiting a turn, but having your Earth spells allow you to set up a damage turn. For example, using up your AP in Earth spells prior to a turn you must deal a lot of damage will allow you to take advantage of the Overheating you will gain on your next turn.

Our second buff from Earth spells, Pressure, can be a hit or miss for us. Earlier I stated that if you plan on having Hammer Claw/Shebang for damage, then to build Earth damage and level the spells, but if you plan on solely using it for utility, then leave the spell deleveled with no Earth damage. If you do not take any Earth damage with you, then the armor that Pressure bestows for your allies will be very weak. If you do take Earth damage, however, then the shield will be much more useful. Of course, this is where the decision lies.. non-damaging utility pull/push with weak shields from Pressure and weak blockades, or high-damaging utility pull/push with strong shields from Pressure and stronger blockades.

iv. :tap:Class Spells:tap:

Good ol' Microbot! There were plenty of changes to this spell. Most specifically that it is now boostable range. This can hurt when we lose range via blind and such, but will be a blessing for long range Microbot placement. It can also be casted under you targets, including yourself. The Microbot will have two stages, Activated and Deactivated. When a Microbot is placed by the Foggernaut, it is Activated. The Microbot will be Deactivated at the beginning of your next turn, while dealing Stasis damage all around it to enemies. Your Microbots cannot be hit and are entirely duration based. There is no way for them to last longer or shorter.
4 -1
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Score : 2

Place Holding Post

1 -1
Score : 884

This is our biggest potential buff in our kit, Motherfogger. It must be cast anywhere on a Microbot or a Microbot Rail, you must stay on a Microbot Rail during the state, and your spells will change. Your spells will become your Stasis spells and your Fire spells, only. This does not count Flame Fervor. At the top of the guide you will see my spells in a specific order. That order is the order that your spells will show up during Motherfogger, so I suggest to switch it to that as to not confuse yourself. Essentially it allows your Stasis spells to be much more useful by allowing them to be non-linear. You are also stabilized, which is immensely useful versus certain enemies. You also gain the Motherfogger Turret state, which allows you to deal free Stasis damage while on your chair and far enough from the enemy. Being a ranged build, this spell defines the build. On top of all of that, it only costs a cheap 1 WP. If you utilize your Cybot well, you may only ever have to cast this spell once. One thing to note, though, is if you take the passive to allow Cybot to propagate your spells forward from him, you will lose that passive while on the chair. Beware and don't kill poor lil' Cybot.

Our partner in crime. No, really. Never underestimate the potential that Cybot has. Cybot has a plethora of uses.
  • Can block LoS
  • Can be used for Damage, single target or AoE
  • Can repair your Microbots to Reactivate them for bonus damage
  • Can place Microbots for you (despite being Deactivated)
  • Along with great MP, can teleport for better mobility
  • Can swap places with the Foggernaut or a Blockade for escapes or setups
  • Can propagate your Stasis spells forward for you, if you take the passive Cyboom
Seriously, this thing will help you in more ways than you'll even imagine. Be very careful though, if he dies then you will not be able to resummon him for 3 turns. Always make sure to utilize him in every way possible.

We had some big changes from the last Blockades. Now they aren't linked to Earth spells, but instead get buffed by Earth spells. I only touched up on the two Earth spells that would be relevant to our build. Blockades are a nice way to quickly block line-of-sight, give your ally something to pull himself onto or teleport to, can help take damage for an ally, or to setup the Earth spell pull/push I discussed earlier. Simple yet defined.

Stasis Flux was mostly used as a way for a Foggernaut tank to take some damage for his allies, and still does that. However, it now can be used on an enemy for Stasis Reflux, which allows you to take half of the target enemy's healing received for yourself. This will be our use of the spell. It can be very situational, but when the situation arises it will help us out anywhere between a slight nice heal to a massive bonus. Note this is specifically for enemies, and casting on an ally will force you to take their damage. You can still cast it on allies in dire situations, despite being squishy and ranged.

b. Passive Spells:

This will probably be the first passive you take. This passive will give you more Control for more Microbots and Blockades, and will also extend the range of your Microbot Rail from 3 range to 4 range at level 1, and 5 range at level 2. This also increases the range of your Microbot, and better yet makes it not require line-of-sight! This will make creating Microbot Rails even easier, as well as setting yourself up, your allies, your Cybot, or help your damage out by utilizing the Microbot damage.

Absolutely wonderful! This passive, your friend. Not only does it increase your Ranged Damage, but it also increases your Range. As a ranged Foggernaut, this is a double whammy. Oh, you remember that whole, "You move 3 spaces per 1 MP while on rails?" That's a thing of the past. While on your chair, you can move as much as you want, per 1 MP. This essentially allows you to, with enough rails, go across the whole map for 1 MP. Of course, you cannot pass by an enemy, because it will force a lock check, but it is definitely very useful. Also, your Motherfogger Turret damage dealt specifically via the Motherfogger Turret passive will heal you for the whole damage. This will help recover the little damage you take from Stasis spells. Go thank that Ecaflip God for the luck we got on this passive.

Now this spell is much more useful for its latter effect. The first effect is useful, but does not work while we are on our Motherfogger, and we will almost always be on our Motherfogger. Despite this, do not forget you have the ability to use this, because it may help win the fight. The second effect is great because it will make your Cybot much more tanky. A Cybot that survives is a useful one!

Hello there Fire spells, meet Oil. Oil, meet Fire. This passive is immensely useful because it increases our Ranged Damage, adds extra range to your two Fire spells (this includes Flame Fervor for longer jumps), and gives us more Overheating for more damage. The Scalded is more of just a bonus, and may not get a lot of view in our build, but it is there when you need it.

The 2 WP is definitely welcomed for a higher WP pool, and the 10% Critical Hits can easily push your base 1/5 chance to critically strike (with max Critical Hits in Chance stats) to a base 1/3 chance to critically strike (with max Critical Hits in Chance stats). The other benefit is that each time you use a WP, you gain 1 level of Critical Start. At 3 levels of Critical Start, you gain Critical Turbo, and your Critical Start resets back to 0. While you have Critical Turbo, you absorb and heal yourself for 20% of the damage taken. Being ranged means our goal is to take little to no damage, but sometimes enemies slip through. If you can anticipate an enemy hitting you, this passive can mitigate a good bit of the damage dealt to you.

This will be our last passive. None of the other passives were really flashy or gave us anything that was necessary or useful. Overall the damage increase is very welcomed to our damage capability. Not to mention it helps us get through armor much easier.

IV. Statistic Points:

a. Intelligence:
  • 1-2 Barrier
  • 10 Resistances
  • Rest into % HP

The choice here is simple. The 10 Resistances and the rest of the points into % HP will help make yourself a bit tanky, but also help out your Cybot. Your Cybot will get all of your Resistances, so this helps him more than you know. The 1-2 points into Barrier will help mitigate damage. Essentially it makes a mini-shield of health at the beginning of your turn, equal to half of your level, that works on an on-hit basis. The 1-2 points will essentially absorb the little damage you take in the back. We aren't immune just because we are in the back line, so this helps us lower the little damage we do take so the healers do not have to worry so much about us.

b. Strength:
  • 20 Range Damage
  • Rest into All Damage
  • 20 Range Damage
  • 20 Single-Target Damage
  • Rest into All Damage

My reasoning for this is obvious. We need Range Damage because most of our damage comes from a range. Our main damage comes from Single-Target spells, but not all of it is Single-Target damage. If you feel you use more Area of Effect damage than Single-Target damage then you can go for just All Damage. Ideally to maximize our power, though, we want to pick up Single-target Damage, then pump the rest into All Damage.

c. Agility:
  • All Dodge
  • 20 Initiative
  • Rest into Dodge

We already have Flame Fervor as a strong escape tool, but sometimes we cannot always use it. One example would be while we are on our Motherfogger. In this case, Dodge is very useful. The bonus Initiative is more of a PvP choice if you plan on PvP'ing a lot. Going first can give you an insane advantage in PvP.

d. Chance:
  • 20 Critical Hits
  • Rest into Critical Damage
  • 20 Critical Hits
  • 20 Block
  • Rest into Critical Damage

As a damage dealer, both Critical Hits and Critical Damage play a big role in our damage output. The only reason I suggest Block is mostly for PvP. Having an occasional Block or two can sometimes give you a whole extra turn of damage, which may sometimes give you the win. Outside of PvP though, maximizing damage is very important, so I suggest the former.

e. Major:
  • 1 AP
  • 1 Control and Damage
  • 1 Range and Damage
  • 1 Final Damage

I suggest this route always and forever. The AP and Final Damage is essential to any damage dealer. The Range helps us safely deal more damage and more consistently, while the Control allows for more Microbots/Blockades. The more Microbots on the map, with the extra Range, will allow us to slide across the whole map easily while still being able to hit all of our targets. The reason I do not take the MP is because if we can get such movement with very little MP, we might as well take other options that will benefit us more.

V. Gear:

So what should we be looking for in our gear? Well, it's very simple! We want to have as much AP as possible while also maximizing Range, Critical Hits, and Critical Damage. This will fill our role of ranged damage dealer nicely. One thing to note here though is if you plan on using Earth as solely utility, or trying to get damage out of it. Going solely for Earth utility allows for more spell points into Fire/Stasis spells from the Earth spell you would have leveled. Also, now that Stasis is based on only one element, it allows for us to utilize very strong mono-element gear. Both of those points combined will make a notable difference if you focus on just Fire and let Earth be entirely utility. If you plan on having Earth have damage as well, you will have to pump your points in accordingly, and get duo-element gear. This will make your Earth spell stronger, your Earth shield from Earth spells stronger, and slightly stronger Blockades.. but you have to trade off a chunk of your damage. On top of that, you risk your allies life using your powerful utility spell. The choice is mostly personal preference, but I suggest focus solely on mono-element Fire gear.

VI. F.A.Q.:

1. Why aren't you utilizing Fogginator?! That spell lets us be super strong!!!
Well, Fogginator has lost a lot of its luster in my eyes. The increase to Stasis damage is only 10% more than the increase to Ranged Damage that the Motherfogger gives, as well as not affecting your Fire spells. The 1 extra Range is less than the 2 extra Range from the Motherfogger. You have more mobility with Motherfogger as well as non-linear Stasis spells. The no HP cost of Stasis spells in Fogginator is trumped by the massive -25% of current HP at the end. Every AP spent is essentially .5% of current health lost for Stasis spells.. so it's essentially 50 AP worth of damage dealt to you. There are too many drawbacks and very little bonuses that the Motherfogger can't do better.

2. Why not bring Stomp? It's so cheap, and makes Blockade very tanky! Not to mention Pummel can heal it!!
Our build doesn't necessarily focus on the Earth tree, so our Blockades will already be very squishy at best. Even with multiple HP boosts, it will not be worth the AP spent. Our primary objective is damage dealing, so the blockade is entirely for utility in this build. As for the cheap cost of Stomp, we have Ray of Stasis for that, and it always hits the weakest resistance.

3. What, no love for Heart of Steam?
Heart of Steam costs too much and does not bring much more damage than the other spells. Yes, one Heart of Steam is stronger than one Ray of Stasis with one Stasis Shot, but we only have 12 spell slots. Because we're limited on spell slots, the 4 Stasis spells we brought bring much more to the table. Cheap costs, no LoS, AoE at range, etc. All the Stasis spells having a great selling point, except for Heart of Steam. Now, you can definitely level up Heart of Steam for extra Stasis damage, but in no means should you be using it.

4. The Blockade is so freaking squishy. There is absolutely no point in taking it, and it's a waste of AP!!!
Well, the Blockade will cost us 2 AP to cast. If anything, your opponent will have to spend 2 AP, maybe more, to destroy it. If the Blockade is specifically in their way, they will destroy it. The only difference is.. you both spend 2 AP, one to make a Blockade and one to destroy it.. but with our Turbo-Critical, destroyed Blockades will give us a WP back. This helps in PvE, but also PvP. Making the decision to destroy it, despite being in their way, can essentially aid us either way.

5. Why not take any of the other class passives? Or even Motivation for the extra AP?!
All of the other class passives either do not help to increase our damage, or actually hamper our damage. This includes the AP. The AP fits better on people who are more focused on supporting.. healers, AP and MP stealers, etc.

6. None of this is making sense. Why not just go mostly Earth with a little bit of Fire? The kit seems to fit a really good Earth playstyle.

While the kit does offer a lot of Earth options, most of them are not damage related. All the support in the Earth tree is mostly based to be tanky. You can have a very effective Earth/Stasis Foggernaut, but that wouldn't offer all the benefits that a ranged damage dealing Foggernaut. Both are definitely very viable and fun, and you should pick whichever you like better! My advice, though, is to stick with the master chair race!

VII. Closing Thoughts:

Overall I love the new spell deck system, and I like the way they took Foggernauts. They essentially made it possible to go Stasis regardless if you are Earth or Fire, while still maintaining strong diversity between the three builds. Of course, I am by no means a Foggernaut God that knows all, but I have had my experiences. I mostly wrote this guide to help any newcomers to Wakfu who decided to play a Foggernaut, as well as old players who are absolutely befuddled by all the new information. Again, there are multiple ways to play your Foggernaut, but this is just my personal preference. I have plenty of fun with it, and it gets the job done. If you do not like it, then that is completely okay! I just want you to have fun playing Wakfu with your friends! Do that, and I am one happy camper!

Now, if you happen to see any mistakes, one to pitch your own two cents, or have any general comments, leave a message below and we'll discuss! I hope this helped you in anyway, and happy hunting Wakfu players!
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Score : 3199

Really great guide I'm planning to make a fogger so this is super helpful! Thanks!

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Score : 114

I'd like to start off by thanking you for writing this in-depth tutorial, AeroXZ.

I have recently came back to this game after a lenghty hiatus so it's nice to have a post-revamp guide up. However interesting and detailed as your guide might be I feel I might end up picking a different build myself; one that perhaps doesn't excel so uniquely at DPS but in turn allows for a greater variety of both flexibility and commodity. Heck, I might end up writing up a guide even!

Only time will tell. Until then, congratulations on one of the best guides I've seen.

- Kal

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Score : 218

Hi, thanks for the guide. Its true I was a bit lost with my fogger. I decided to abandon it but after reading your guide I'll give a try again-

I have one question. How do you distribute your spell experiencience? 4 spells fire and 4 stasis?

Could be very nice if you post few examples of how to play a fogger using rails, cybot etc, or combo list. biggrin


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Score : 7390

Drop Aynaloxide, Drop Stasis Flux. Drop Steam palm. Drop Cyboom.
Add Heart of Steam. Add Fogginator. Add Stomp. Pick Fire and oil at lvl 200. Take resist from stats 'cause it's better endgame wise and pvp.
Can't remember the passives to replace cyboom and/or fire and oil from top of my head but I'll make this build tomorrow and make a vid so anyone interested on the build can check my channel.

I'd make these changes. Just my opinion. Anyone who likes a bit different take on this then try this.

Stasis shield, groove, advance post, fire and oil, turbo critical

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Score : 264

Great guide! I'm glad to see some Fogger love on the forums. Quick question though: if you take barrier, will it be used on the self-inflicting damage from Stasis attacks? Would taking more barriers help in that case, or should we still take HP to help the Cybot (and blockades; I'm doing earth tank as well as ranged Motherfogger DPS)?


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Score : 7390
monetclaude|2015-07-24 00:06:41
Great guide! I'm glad to see some Fogger love on the forums. Quick question though: if you take barrier, will it be used on the self-inflicting damage from Stasis attacks? Would taking more barriers help in that case, or should we still take HP to help the Cybot (and blockades; I'm doing earth tank as well as ranged Motherfogger DPS)?

Barrier doesn't block self inflicted dmg as far as I know
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Score : 884

@Starbux: Glad you like it! You're welcome, and thanks for the read!

@Kayledoscope: You're welcome! The main reason I wrote the guide was because after the revamp, I felt a bit lost. We had such a big change that it was a little overwhelming.. I almost felt like quitting my Foggernaut truth be told.. but as I kept reading, and focusing on possible combos.. it really opened my eyes to the possibilities. It made me love my Foggernaut even more.

Definitely write a guide! The more guides there are, the more players can take sponge in the information and make a better educated decision at what they want. To go on your utility, you can actually do a very strong Earth Foggernaut. The Earth Foggernaut sports extremely tanky Blockades, which in turn help beef up your whole team, set up combos, and save allies. Not to mention the Foggernaut will be tankier as well. The Fire/Stasis Foggernaut focuses on damage per turn, mobility, and range, where as the Earth/Stasis Foggernaut focuses on tankiness, utility, map manipulation, and saving lives. Truth be told, if at some point I had enough spell points to max all spells (now possible with the new system, despite the difficulty), I would DEFINITELY carry an Earth Tank set for fun when needed. Both are powerful, and very fun!

@NalfenMula: The best path for your spells is always 4 Stasis, 2 Fire. From here you have the option to pump in more Fire or Stasis spells for more damage, or one or two Earth spells. My reason behind this is that most gear comes duo-element. It is very easy to take advantage of this, grab Earth with Hammerclaw, and that allows your AoE pull on Blockade with Hammerclaw to not only be useful in terms of utility.. but it'll have a nice bit of damage on the side! Not to mention this will help your shields from when you happen to use the earth spells.

The general idea for Foggernauts is to always keep thinking. Keep in mind your Microbo/Cybot cast range, and where your initial rail starts. When you get into the correct starting spot, drop your Microbots to make the best rail! Either close range rail if you need to go in, or a back line rail if you need to swing around. Before you rail up, drop Cybot. He'll be extending your rail. If you drop him at one end of your rails, you can easily have him drop 1 Microbot, teleport up to it, walk again, and drop another Microbot. This will give you a 4 Microbot rail start. Even if Cybot dies, your mobility will be unmatched, which in turn lets you deal damage anywhere! Hope it helps!!

@MereBytes: Going without Cyboom will make your Cybot very squishy, not to mention our already lack of health as damage Foggernauts won't help that situation either. Having your Cybot last an extra turn or two can give us more rails, more damage output through Microbot repairs and Turret mode, save you, etc. Stasis Flux can be dropped, but its utility is hard to skip at 12 slots and with what we do not need to bring. Heart of Steam is.. lack luster. All the other Stasis spells tend to be a bit better. Yes, Ray of Stasis and Stasis Shot don't hit as hard as Heart of Steam.. but wasting a slot for "slightly" more damage can limit your options, and is generally not worth it. No point for Stomp if you have Ray of Stasis. As I said, Fogginator lacks the "oomph" in this build that Motherfogger has. Fogginator.. is honestly better geared towards Earth/Stasis Foggernauts, and only lightly.

Also, the only difference in your passives from mine is the switch from Carnage (a damage increase) to Stasis shield (an HP increase). The loss of damage from Carnage can hurt, but if you wish to have some extra HP, then by all means.

Though, of course, all of this is your opinion and mine! It really all depends on how you see it and what ya want!

@monetclaude: Thank you! Me too, we need some more steam behind our forum (STEAM, YA GET IT?!). Barrier will not stop Stasis self-damage, no. Barrier is more of a way to decrease damage easily. Lets say for instance that you are level 200, and you're taking 350 damage 3 times a turn from the back. Normally that would equal 1,050 damage. With 2 points into barrier, you will shield there first two hits by 100 damage each. So you would then take two instances of 250, and one instance of 350. In essence, you would save yourself 200 life a turn that doesn't have to be touched by heal resists, as well as helps your healer focus more on the front line. 200 life a turn doesn't sound too much, but after 5 turns, 1,000 life sounds wonderful. It definitely makes a big deal to at least take 1-3 points in this, though I suggest 2.

To all of you who commented, and to all who have read, I am very glad that you all like, enjoy, use, or even debate my guide. These things can help make it stronger and more known, so Foggernauts don't feel so lost if they get overwhelmed with the options handed to them. I just want everyone to have their head on straight and feel confident in their decisions, so if I helped in anyway, then thank you for letting me help you!

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Score : 280

Hello, this guide has been included on this topic [Class Guide] Player-Made Guides Directory


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Score : 177

Hello, I followed your guide and now I'm lvl 90 . Im a bit confuse on the element for my item. Which element I should use?

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Score : 884

Your Foggernaut's Stasis damage is based off of your highest element. In my build, focus Fire damage gear if the item is mono-element, and get Fire/Earth if the gear is duo-element if you plan to utilize the one Earth spell. Fire is always the most important, though, because all the Fire damage becomes your main Stasis damage as well as it helps your long range Fire AoE as well as your main Fire escape.

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Score : 177

Thank you that explained my confusion

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Score : 45

Very handy guide especially since there's only a few updated info on Foggers. You sir did an excellent job. Kudos!

After experimenting with it somewhat I noticed that most of the time I spend it in Motherfogger mode while my Cybot plants bots. So I rarely use any earth spells. Moreover, I find that Flame Fervor is somewhat obsolete since I actually want to be surrounded to maximize Aynaloxide damage.

I m still at my 40 and maybe the mobs are not yet very dangerous but I think that Motherfogger, while being an excellent buff, it limits us.

Maybe without it, and by taking advantage the high pressure/overheat buffs, is more rewarding, damage wise?

By all means, this is not a critique, I've been using this build with great success so far. Only it bothers me a tiny bit when Ι catch myself not using the whole arsenal of a class.

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Score : 884

Thank you kindly! I make it so new and old players are able to transition into the Foggernaut, a somewhat confusing class. This way, people can rock the steam all day!

In an ideal world, we'd be able to stay in Motherfogger and have Cybot plant Microbots all day, but here are a few issues:

1. Cybot can die, forcing you out of your Motherfogger. Because of Motherfogger's cooldown, you won't be able to use it again until the next turn.

2. You might have used up all of your Control, and need to go elsewhere, so you're forced to get off of your Motherfogger (either to survive or kill).

3. Occasionally an enemy may sit on your rail or on the side of your rail, and without enough dodge you can get locked, which can make you lose AP, MP, or even be unable to move. The more enemies, the higher chance this happens, including the more surrounding you.

As with your Flame Fervor, that helps with #3. When you use Flame Fervor, no Lock/Dodge is made, and you can get out of a sticky situation. Depending on your location and because it's linear, it's very possible to Flame Fervor out of the unfavorable position onto your rail, then just normally slide away. This also opens up the option to replace your Cybot if need be, as well as drop some Microbots. Of course, you can always use Aynaloxide if you have a way of surviving. If you do, fart away and deal tons of damage! Of course, this may not always be the situation and you could possibly die when surrounded.

The Earth spell (whichever you decide to bring), is a much more late game component. Ideally you won't be using it until about level 100. At that point, the possibility to have an AoE pull for half of your AP can help set up combos with your teammates, save allies, hurt enemies, etc. Another good bit of information is say you cannot reach your opponent, but on the next turn you will. Spam your Earth spell, so the next turn you have the Fire damage buff. That way you can do something while you're waiting.

As for the High Pressure/Overheat, the buffs can be utilized in a Fire/Earth build to good effect, but it has one main issue. To keep the buffs high constantly, you are forced to always switch between Fire and Earth each turn. There are times in late game that things can easily have 50% or higher elemental resistances. Yes, you could keep the damage buff stacked, but on the off turns that you're using Earth spells, you lose out on tons of damage. Even if you use Blockade things on those turns, that's still damage you're not dealing. That build would be more of a bruiser/support type build.

Don't worry, I don't mind critiques anywho! The general jist is that in your lower levels, because of the lack of active and passive spells you can bring, you will be somewhat limited to just Stasis/Fire spells. Once you're in the higher levels with good duo-elemental gear, stronger enemies, and more active/passive spell slots, the full build can come to fruition.

If you or anyone have any other questions, just let me know!

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Thank you for the detailed answer. I really appreciate the time you take to write down all this helpful information. It 's a fact that as mob lvl increases the tend to run to the edges of the map when half dead, forces me out of the confy (and deadly) chair tongue 

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Absolutely no problem! Well, with Control, you have:

  • Start with +1
  • Gain +2/+3 with Groove
  • Gain +2 with your Status Points
  • Anything from your gear

Now, this will start you with a solid +5 Control, +6 when Groove advances. Of course, there is a Control pet, as well as the possibility to pick up spare Control on your gear. At the lower levels it's not as convenient, but in the later levels you could pick up as much extra control as you need, as well as range. A mixture of Range and Control will allow you to move much further, and with the Range, strike from much further. With just the early base +5 Control, and 5 range in between the rails, that's a 30 cell rail at max connections. Slide for days! The combination will allow no silly monsters you face to hide!
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Hiy there.

First of all i want say you did a great job with this guide, it really helps alot to understaand foggernauts. The things im gonna say, are just my personal opinion on some parts of this guide.

I have a range statis Foggernaut myself also.
Few things i would do different in ur build.

I think foggernauts main dmg spells are statis, they have the most ap/dmg, and also with statis u dshouldnt care about enemys resist. 3 of the spells are single target 2 of them are AOE. I think if you wanna do the best dmg , you always have to make a choice between AOE or Single cose of the buffs, u can get from your stats and gears. Since this is a range build i think you should choose Single tartget statis spells, cose they are range. Soo my choices are:

The Aoe statis spells are good, but not for this build. If you wanna do AOE build i would try a close combat fire build.

From fire spells the only choice is flame fervor cose its a nice dmg/ap and uses wakfu point, and its a perfect escape spell.

My other problem is the overheating. I think Ankama just gave us an illusion that we can mix fire spells with statis to get buffs from overheating. But i think its not worth it.

lets see:

With ur spells of choice with 12 AP, we could do this:

2x Steampalm + 1x RoS = 268 dpt ....also u get some final dmg %

Without fire spells we would do this with 12 ap:

2x HoS + 1x RoS = 348 dpt ....

Sooo you can see thats a 80 dmg / turn loss! i dont think that few % final dmg would worth it. Also when you use fire spells, you loose dmg if you have single target dmg buffs from stats and gears. And if the mob is not weak on fire you will loose dmg on that also..... This is why i dont think its worth to mix any other spells in this build. Only spells wich u use for utility.

I think its Ankamas fault that they dont made any options for foggers next to Statis, if you wanna do dmg build. Maybe as i mentioned before a fire close range AOE build would be intresting.

Anyway this is just my toughts about ur build smile

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Thank ya kindly Maguranick!

I do agree, to maximize damage potential, you have to choose between single target and AoE, with a big lean towards single target and ranged damage. Also, for Overheating and Stasis.. there's not "much" we get without intensely using our fire spells. Not useless, though. At some point you may use Flame Fervor to get out of lock, and the damage bonus after, though small, is still there.

Also, you're missing the point. Steampalm is absolutely NOT your go-to for maximizing damage. Steampalm is used for long range AoE. Steampalm's AoE is 105 damage, while HoS is 145. Here's some math:

Single Target:
HoS + HoS + RoS = 338

SSh + SSh + SSh + SSh = 300
SSh + SSh + RoS + RoS + RoS = 324

In this example, you lose 38 and 14 damage, yes.. but, you have to understand that with the loss of 38 damage, you gain non-LoS damage. This means that you can do it safely while being blocked by an ally or an enemy. Of course, if you're only goal is to maximize damage potential, then yes, HoS + HoS + RoS is the better option. The only problem is.. if you don't have the LoS, then that route won't do much for you, and may compromise the fight because the Foggernaut may have to move into an unfavorable position. Another thing to note is the power of the 2nd listed combo. That combo is only 14 less damage, and doesn't require any HoS. Splendid!

AoE :
HoS + HoS + RoS = 338
SSt + SSt + SSt = (# of targets)
1) 288
2) 576
3) 864
4) 1152

SP + SP + RoS = (# of targets)
1) 268
2) 478
3) 688
4) 898
5) 1108

As you can see, the Steampalm combo does "more" damage once there are two targets in the AoE, but we have to remember that Fire may not be that targets weakness. So at times, 2 targets still does less "overall" damage, though this is not always the case. Once you're in 3 targets and above, your overall damage tends to be much higher, even counting the Stasis's aim to go for weakness. If they're in a tight enough AoE, then Stasis Strike can also do a considerable amount of damage. At two targets, it's already more overall damage then the HoS + HoS + RoS combo, and utilizes stasis damage for weakness. Another thing to consider is the massive AoE on Steampalm. You can hit plenty of targets, as well as build up free Overheating.

So summed up, my go-to single target damage is not 80 less, but in truth only 38 less, except my route has no LoS. Because of this, you can get more out of your spell points, and you can take on more situations much more easily. Plus, the combo with only 14 less! On top of that, the AoE route's damage explains itself in my numbers. The reason why I don't care to maximize on long range single target damage is because you miss out on so much of the Foggernaut's potential. The idea is not to use Fire spells and Earth spells as your main damage, but as your utility damage when need be. I don't think you understood that, but putting that into the mix now you can understand!

Of course, for anyone reading the guide, this build doesn't min-max to make sure you have the "best" long range, single target damage, but it gives you much more potential for AoE, utility, and still keep an almost "just as strong" long range, single target damage. Take it how you want to fellahs!

Also, if you feel there should be changes, or something you'd do instead, please, share! The more people comment, the more I can fine-tune this guide, as well as help new players out. Thanks in advance, and I'm very glad I could help any of you, even if just a little smile!

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