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By Basgitarist - MEMBER - July 11, 2015, 22:32:37

If you know it so damn well, write your own guide

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Guide looks good so far, just one question, is this going to be a tribrid guide or?

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If you're asking whether I will use all three elemental trees, yes.
However Tribid gear no longer is required for foggernauts.

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Let me ask this since I'm a newb to fogger, since you're playing tri-element, which stasis spell do you take out on your build? HoS and Aynaloxide? Do you mainly use fire/stasis to damage and somewhat earthy for a bit tank?

I'm planning to go Fogger for an off-tank stasis/earth personally for my team (someone quitted and I wanna fill with this) but I must consider fire as well so I can work best for the team

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Seems to me you're going tanky and using both fire and earth?
I just went full fire/stasis on my build. Putting one point in barrier seems interesting however.
Also I didn't go full lock but took init and ap/mp resist.
Mainly because fogger benefits from range and I hate losing ap.

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(currently level 148) I took AP, Range/damage, and Final Damage. None of our skills require mp to cast anymore and most of our abilities are modifiable by the range stat.

I feel like keeping distance is the most important thing you can do as a damage dealer Foggernaut. So lock isn't that great. I also took AP/MP removal resistance.

I only maxed Bombardment from the Earth tree to use to set up Fogginator Overheating turn. It has the most range and highest average damage per AP out of all the Earth skills. Then I maxed Flambe, Firethrower, and Steampalm from the Fire Tree. All are modifiable with range and are good to use in Motherfogger form. Then I maxed every Stasis spell but Stasis strike (dumped remaining points into this, and locked it). This boosts fire tree to be primary element for Stasis, while also boosting the Stasis tree to add additional stasis damage on top of it.

The spells I use are

Heart of Steam
Ray of Stasis
Stasis Shot
Fire Thrower
Flame Fervor (Not maxed, escape utility)
Foggernaut Blockade

I took Turbo-Critical, Advanced Post, Fire and Oil, and Carnage.

I don't necessarily think this is the best build to go, and there is probably a few changes that can be made to improve damage per turn. This is just what I'm going with for now. This would work best with Earth/Fire gear.

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Hello, this guide has been included on this topic [Class Guide] Player-Made Guides Directory


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I can't figure out a reasonable foggernaut without stomp fogginator and Heart of steam. those spells are a must imo.

Basgitarist|2015-07-11 22:32:37
If you know it so damn well, write your own guide
Lol... did you really got mad only for a single post in which someone didn't agree with you? lol

I guess guides are meant to be discussed, not only to be taken as the holy blessing of a god.
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