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A doubtful Foggernaut

By Valaim February 01, 2014, 21:54:53
Hello there! As the title says I just created a Foggernaut and I love it but i don't know exactly how to build it. Is stasis good for UB dungeons and PvP? I'm asking this because it's the one i enjoy the most, i'm not really a tank guy and i hate to play fire in groups because friendly fire is a pain in the *** biggrin

Which one i have to level? I found Aynaloxide too costly and situational so i can safely exclude it but i don't know about the others. Can i level up all the other 4 or i have to choose 3 of them? Do I have to level spells from other elements? I know that Stomp and Flame Fervor are good but i don't know if mixing them up will be beneficial.

For the supports it's Microbot 20 ASAP am i right? After that what's the priority?

I'll spend 150 points for the +1 AP no questions about it but where i have to invest the points before level 30? I'll not need elemental damage so i really don't know, HP?

What's the first set for me? I'll not need Gobbal, Piwi, etc so i really don't know what to wear from the beginning to the mid game, can you name me a good setup?

Thanks for any contributions.
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For Stasis spells, I would say Heart of Steam, Ray of Stasis and Stasis Shot are priority.

For Earth you can choose between Pummel and Bombardment, the definitive choices are Shebang and Stomp.

For Fire depends what's your build, if you're not fire you can have Flame Fervor for the escape utility, but don't level it, if you want to go fire, Flame Thrower, Blazing Fire and Steampalm are the best ones.

About the support spells, no, you don't need to rush Microbots to 9, it depends on your build. If you're fire you will most likely want to level microbots to 5 and then max Fire and Oil and proceed from there. It'll be like this for most builds, have microbots to 5 for reduced cost, Groove on 5 for +rail size and your build spells(for earth you can rush Armor Plating, can't go wrong there, Fire you NEED max Fire and Oil, so you can rush that too, for Stasis I would say a mix between Motherfogger and Microbots, possibly following with Critical Turbo)

I am a mono fire fogger(currently) and I have 1 AP and 1 MP, this allows me to throw my combos every turn(2x blazing fire and 1x Flambé, or 1x Steampalm and 1x Blazing fire), I also do things with my Xelor alt, that can give me AP, for flame thrower combo goodness, and you can't go wrong with the extra mobility from having 4 MP.

From what you said, you'll be pure stasis... The only set that comes to mind that can be really good for that build is the Imperial Shin Larva set, which gives lots of general damage, along with spell levels, 1 AP and good resist.
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Thanks! As I said i'm more oriented towards a pure stasis build or at the very least Stasis/Earth. I'll start leveling Heart of Steam, Ray of Stasis, Stasis Shot and Microbots if anyone else have more advices about what else to do after that is welcomed.
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I'm also building a Stasis Fogger but I have no idea what set to get that a Stasis build would benefit from.
If anyone knows what to seek in sets and items, please tell me.
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jgtf|2014-02-03 11:07:17
I'm also building a Stasis Fogger but I have no idea what set to get that a Stasis build would benefit from.
If anyone knows what to seek in sets and items, please tell me.
You're a damage dealer. Stasis damage benefits from the damage you have on ALL the elements, so you need general damage sets. Other things to look for in a set are obvious things such as HP, Initiative, resists, etc...

A good set to start is the Imperial Shin Larva Set, it gives -15 initiative, but the rest of its stats are great.
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If you're going mostly stasis, then, as was stated before, you want sets that give you more general damage. +16% damage is going to buff your stasis damage a lot more than +16% fire. Infernal/Hoodfella sets are always good options for the 60-70 range, since you're not interested in the insane tanky potential given out by Foggernauts.
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