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Does anyone play Stasis fogger?

By JerryDB - MEMBER - November 30, 2013, 21:01:37
As the title says I am interesting even if you are now dual/tri element fogger.

From the maths I did unless my stasis fogger was in the best equipment possible in Stasis branch he couldn't really cut it at frigost and wabbit island.

I named my frogger "The Only Way Stasis" as if thats whay unique about the class thats what I want to use that however perhaps I am just building mine all wrong and they are quite viable.
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Hello, Jerry. I've started my fogger long ago as fire, then switched to earth, and at last, about a month ago came to stasis. I'm lvl 123 currently. What can I say about stasis? I do enjoy flexibility of motherfogger, cybot and long range. What I don't like is complexity of it. Without motherfogger spells are linear, without cybot there is no aoe, and you have to waste a lot of ap to build both of them. My damage is nothing to be proud of, but its consistent on trash mobs and it makes it useful. Also, as I am not the prime damage dealer, I spared few points to improve my defence capacities through stasis flux and blockades. It allows me to save those meat-bags time to time, when our healer fails. All-in-all I know I'm not needed on UBs, but I find comfort in my utility roles, it would too boring for me to be pure damager.
What do you mean 'without cybot there is no aoe'?
Is there some clever way to use cybot that I don't know off?
When his talking about AoE his talking about the relay shot.
Edited this post because it was wrong.
I think the secret to stasis fogger is in mixing it with other elements, for instance using flame fervour to get backstabs, and using stomp to tank a little bit of damage, adding in that 2ap1mp fire attack for great damage. Mixing in the other element spell levels doesn't lower our damage at all.
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