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How do foggers support spells even work? :/

By Lawful - MEMBER - November 26, 2013, 19:55:50
I've been trying to play fogger, but i can't seem ot understand why and how it works...

I've seen people make rails, but i just can't place more than one of those bots on the ground to make rails.
The motherfrogger always ends after one turn, with me being able to shoot like once or twice only with it, yet i've seen people ride in that thing for the whole battle duration.

Also same with frogginator, it always removes the armor after one turn, but yet again i've seen people just fight in it, turn after turn.

Am i not getting how some of the mechanics work or something?
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They require Control to place. Every character has 1 base control. You can get 2 more control from the Groove ability. This allows you to place 3 microbots natively without the need of control being on your gear (though of course you can get about 5+ more control off gear if you really want).

Charges are increased by leveling your Microbot and Groove abilities. Charges determine how many turns your microbot/motherfogger/rails will last. Each turn, they lose a charge. They will also lose a charge if attacked. However, (at work right now so going off the top of my head instead of looking at what it is in total in the game) you get I believe 8 charges with the Microbot and Groove abilites maxed. This allows for your rails and motherfogger to last quite a long time.

Rail Length
Rails gain length based on the level of your Microbot and Groove abilities. With both maxed, the rail length makes it to 7 total length from microbot to microbot (5 spaces in between each bot). Rails can be created around something, such as yourself, an ally, even an enemy. A simple way to use it (if you can place max length rails, the range of Microbot is 3, place that as far as you can in one direction from yourself, then in the opposite direction place the second. This will create a 7 length rail right under your feet with yourself in the middle. Not the most elegant, but it works for simple purposes.

Like the motherfogger, it is created off of a microbot, however, it doesn't use charges but 30% of your Fogger's HP.

It only lasts one turn. It's only supposed to last one turn. If you've seen someone use it a second turn in a row, that is because they've cast it again. HOWEVER, by casting Fogginator a second turn in a row, instead of costing 1wp, it will consume your remaining WP. To circumvent that, use Fogginator every other turn so that it only costs 1wp.

Need more help? Look here: Click here
The thread may call itself "Idea: Tri Fogger Build", but I kind of hijacked it and started explaining all types of Foggers (in a bit too much detail if I do say so myself). I do however need to update my posts as they put the charge boosts on groove, when they were originally on Armor Plating, and Groove originally had the bonus lock for Earth attacks, which is now on Armor Plating. Other than that, have at it.

Still need more help? Just ask away (granted you read my posts and found I didn't explain it or didn't explain it well enough first).

- Kat
I am sure i've seen a Fogginator last like 3-4 turns without casting it again.
Lawful|2013-11-27 12:06:00I am sure i've seen a Fogginator last like 3-4 turns without casting it again.
Fogginator drains all your WP on a second casting in a row. There's no way someone was able to do that, unless they were stealing WP constantly through stasis.

Oh wait, without recasting? Then there's something up, it requires you to cast every turn.
Lawful|2013-11-27 12:06:00I am sure i've seen a Fogginator last like 3-4 turns without casting it again.
Then they have some nice hacking skills as it only lasts 1 turn. But good for them I guess?

- Kat
I have a lvl 10 earth fogger, what specialties should I work with 1st and why?
critical turbo if you like to use shebang (critical = more dmg)
armor plating if you want to try protect allies

You will respec later.
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