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Selling easy profession XP at a reasonable price!

By elmarios#1075 - MEMBER - August 07, 2022, 18:38:43

Have you ever felt like leveling a profession was too much work? Have you been putting it off and saying "I'll do it later"? I have the perfect solution!

As the title states, I offer the ability to effortlessly level or max any profession! (aside from Leather Dealer)

I sell you the materials needed to craft refined items found in each profession. This can be done for as little as one level, up to maxing out the profession completely from level 0! The amount of material needed is carefully calculated, but does not take into account any crafting XP potions and buffs. The XP you already have in your current level as well as any levels you've already gotten are taken into consideration!

Billing and prices?
The pricing is based entirely on the materials required as well as the amount of materials needed plays a role. You get to save and make back some of your investment by keeping the materials that you have crafted and selling them later!

Professions Available?
All of the professions except for Leather Dealer!
Armorer, Baker, Chef, Handyman, Jeweler, Tailor, Weapons Master, Farmer, Fisherman, Herbalist, Lumberjack, Miner and Trapper.

If you are interested, please contact me on Wakfu: Elmarios , if I am online, or on Discord Elmarios#6636 where I always am available! Language: English or French please!

NOTICE: All of the resources needed will be gathered starting from the time of the order and will take a bit of time to gather. 

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I have no idea of how you could do it, which is I am all ears.

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