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Crafting Professions Leveling CALCULATOR

By Koromy - MEMBER - October 04, 2020, 19:18:41

Hey guys,

I wrote this Excel sheet for four days. The main reason I did this was because I wanted some features and qualities I could not find elsewhere:

a) a clear overview on : what to gather, how much, for which profession exactly.
b) a Feature to calculate both Guild Bonuses and Potion Crafting EXP Bonuses into your preparations.
c) A Feature to consider future balancing patches to keep this sheet up-to-date for a longer time

This sheet will tell you how many resources exactly you need to gather to complete your leveling goal!
I wrote several important notes into the sheet which help you fill in your personal bonus EXP conditions. Please read them carefully!


Advice on how to use it and plan:

1)      I highly advice you to expect to use up to 6 EXP potions (30 Compensation Tokens) for levelling all crafting professions, if you intent to use them.
2)      Color code your sheet in your prefered colors. It makes it so much easier to check on what you already gathered, and which crafts you did complete.
3)      Don’t press “craft this recipe the maximum amount of times possible” when it comes to the professions that are both in need of ore and of wood. You might craft away resources that you planned to use for the other profession. Instead, check the “Base for all professions” chart see how often to craft for one profession to go to the next 10 level.

Please comment or contact me if you happen to have problems or questions.
I created this for personal use and have used it successfully. I really hope it helps you!

edit: small mistake in  the column T where the number of resources needed were obviously misplaced by 2 cells.
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Hey! I just found this thread! Thank you very much for making this excel! Really helps me out!

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