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Important proffesions

By Tzinch - MEMBER - August 07, 2020, 18:06:38

Hello, I'd like to understand which professions worth leveling.
1) Which professions most useful during the leveling process (character leveling) (Allow to make money or equip yourself.)
2) Which professions most useful at a higher level?
3) Which profession replaceable with other professions?
3) Also, I'd like to understand the usage space of 3 armor professions (leather dealer, armorer and tailor)
4) How increase the speed of leveling for crafting and gathering professions?
5) I created "Travel Cloak" and this made me think that the best craftable equipment requires a recipe? That's True? If so where I could find the best recipes?
6) It's possible to abuse cat and rare gathering spots?
7) Which now worth leveling and why?
8) It's possible to gather resources without routing right click -> select icon -> right click? Maybe it's possible to make queue?

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All professions are useful except Chef.

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Chef ist useful too... 

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1 & 2 - Every thing is useful to have.

3) Can't replace one profession with another one, each one does it's own thing.

Leather dealer  - Belts & Boots
Armorer - Breastplates, epaulettes and shields
Tailor - Cloaks and helmets

5) Speed of leveling and crafting can be increased by using potions in game

6) Blue prints are obtained through fights with eco quest mobs mostly there are some from dungeons like shadowfang. and some from quests as it progress. Other than that eco quests mobs drop the blue prints.

7) Cat cannot give you rare resource. It will always be the normal one even if you trigger it on a rare.
8) Leveling everything is worth it if you are into it.
9) No queue system of that sort.

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All professions are important, except Chef.....

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How did you create Travel Cloak? I have all the ingredients but I can't seem to craft it at the Tailor

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You need to obtain the blueprint for Travel Cloak by doing the arch monster hunt quests from Ruel.

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