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Do you have too much Powder?

By OnePersonality - MEMBER - January 14, 2020, 00:55:02

As i play i regularly crush resources that are not worth selling (don't want to waste my market slots on them) and i end up with more powder than I can use. I also see a lot of powder on a market. I think the recipes that require powder are not enough to keep the powder valuable. To me, powder became just one of the items i stack in my inventory with no real value nor use. I can also hardly imagine anyone needing to buy some. At the time of writing this, on Remingon there is about 30 000 powder on sale on market. Just imagine the number of real resources sacrificed in order to make that number of them. Seems like a waste to me.

I am suggesting a way to make them more useful. Use the powders to make basic and rare monster (non-boss) drops. That way players could use those scraps to fabricate the resources they need. That could also remedy the lack of certain resources on the market. I am not certain about the conversion rates though, maybe 2  x resource powder value (or 10 x for rare resource) = that resource. I didn't do the math to suggest a better rate, i don't think the rate i suggested would work well for low and really high levels. Also possibility to turn powder into shards would be nice. The rate i would suggest is 3-4 powder to make a single shard.

Anyways, I think there should be more use for powder. Do you have any ideas for usage?

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I actually constantly need to buy thousands of powder since I am constantly crafting gear. But I think your suggestion is great. Maybe do 10 powders = 1 shard (or some other ratio).

On that note, we should have more conversions for resources. For example, 50 crop = 1 rare crop. 20 regular drops = 1 rare drop.

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Thank you for your reply. I have 2 characters and I craft just for my own purposes.

You are right, there is not too much powder if you craft a lot or even if you use a lot of characters.

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I completely agree with you and your ideas! Would be great. Personally, I don't drown in powder, but I see most players do.

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