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Can we please get rare crafting material, crafting, back?

By Cyrusmagnus - MEMBER - November 19, 2019, 23:13:18

Or can the recipes be changed? Once upon a time I could craft a set of imperial gobbal armor as long as I was willing to grind out tokens to buy royal wool, or get good drops of it from defeating the boss. That seemed pretty fair.

Now I have to do that AND hope to god a rare salt node spawns, and that I get 2 Verbala Salt first try, because if I get only 1, I'll have to wait/hope/wish another one spawns. At a 1% chance, that's potentially an infinite number of nodes I have to mine.

Going from 3 salt = 1 Verbala Salt to this nonsensical percent chance, while also competing with anyone else that happens to walk by and see a rare node doesn't feel good, fun, or exciting. Instead of making my armor and moving on, I'm stuck grinding salt forever.

This is just as true for tree spawns and other mineral spawns. Why make it so difficult to make a fairly low level armor? It just encourages people to power level past the entire area and not even bother with half the game. :/

I should mention, I have mined over 200 salt without a single Verbala Salt node spawning.

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I hate rare gathering resources.

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Some time ago I suggested an idea to improve the system and try to minimize the competition for ressources: Here

It basically consists in adding "stages" to the fishing and mining spots meaning that, for example, you can gather multiple times from a rock before depleting it. This would increase the amount of ressources that you can gather from a single node, have more ressources available at the zone and "indirectly" increase the chances of finding a rare rock/fish without worrying about random thefts.

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