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Up to Date Weapon Master Crafting Guide?

By DryBrain - MEMBER - May 27, 2019, 16:48:01

I want to be a black smith.
Are the old threads still good? If so, link which one is the best.

Till then, i'd like to know which materials I should be making, how much of them, and in what order please. Like the guides from days of yore.

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Weapon master crafting guide? Blacksmith?

There have been some changes to professions and they are now easy to level up, if you follow the 10 level basic item craft method using harvested resources.

Weapon master uses trees to make handles.
Black smith (I Guess you mean Miner/Armorer?) can be leveled by using mined resources.

You can use this chart to figure out things which might be needed to level up professions.

It works for all professions.

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Yeah, Weapon Master mostly. I haven't done any armorer yet.

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