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How to level up leather dealer from 100 to 130?

By Yagmae - MEMBER - February 11, 2018, 16:46:16

After they changed recipes and reduced exp gained from basic leather, I have trouble to level it up. Are any efficient way to do it?  

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Nope, no efficient way to level it. Drops whenever you can get them for leathers, and easy recipes with affordable materials. Just brute-forcing-grinding with Moon recipes if you can't access Zinit. (I did it that way.)

Score : 111

Seems need huge time to do it. sad

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Only pain and suffering

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Wait for the next double exp weekend, get alma crafting bonus and maybe a crafting pot if you still have one.

And try to make stuff from moon recipes, i got from 125 to 130 with 5-6 ferocious boots i think....
Also get your guild mates to craft stuff at your work station.

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Until they finally patch the holes in the progression due their retarded paywall, you dont. You stick with those same recipes and make very very little progress at a very very high cost. 

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