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How do I: Amakna Truffle, Stingy Bulb

By Arthenol - MEMBER - April 07, 2017, 00:36:49

So I've been growing plants in amakna and cutting them down, both artichokes and turberbulbs. I've had tofu's eat them jic it's like golden wheat. No avail. I was wondering if anyone has been able to obtain either resource and if so how.

If this goes on for a week with no reply probably gonna report as a bug. 6 hours no plants.

Thanks for the assistance,

-The Godfurby

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I've got 34 stingy bulb and 14 amakna truffle in my inventory right now, so it's possible to obtain them.
I got the bulb (relatively often) while planting the 'bulbs in my haven-bag, in massive quantities.

But to be able to get the starry ressources, you have to let the plant grow to the 2nd stage (until you would be able to collect the seed).
If you have to farm rare harvests, you can gather them down to half, so they just have to grow once.

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oh that would be why then.


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