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[1.52] easily enable to levelup weapon masters without making weapons

By flowfur - MEMBER - March 18, 2017, 14:17:33

lvl 25-30? lvl 95-100?  I don't know

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I can't wait to see what mats of mine they decide to delete in this update.

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I'm not certain the Solid Handle and Smelly Ointment recipes are going to stick around. They don't actually follow the pattern set by the newer recipes. So you're looking at 20 level gaps between Basic, Fragile, Raw and Durable handles, unless for some reason they keep the outdated recipes for a while.

But still, 20 level gaps aren't that bad when you're getting 400 base xp per handle. You can stick with the lower level handle from +11-15 levels, then start working on the next grade of handle up with a 50~60% success rate. The last 5 levels of weapon master a pretty easy with the dimensional ingots too.

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Just some math here for you:
lvl 70-80 needs 150 000 exp, with 400 exp per craft, that is 375 crafts. Those recipes needs 5 units of 2 mats, right? That means you are gonna need 1875 of 2 mats for 10 levels.

lvl 90-100 needs 190 000 exp ---> 475 crafts  --->  2375 mats times 2.

It IS rather easy but getting all the mats still takes rather long. Especially if the mats are woods and ores and you don't ahve a haven world.
Now consider you want to do that for the other 2 weapon professions as well...

On the other hand "normal" crafts around those levels should give several 1000s til 10 000s exp, I maxed all my profesions long ago, mostly with the tactic: crafting enough of these base stuffs to craft  1-2 dozen normal crafts, reach next base craft level, repeat.

Which ever way you choose, the weekly crafting bonus + outpost clan member bonus+ guild bonus DO HELP a lot.

Merry crafting.

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Sounds like a world of pain.

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