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How do you / can you plan ahead when crafting?

By Aqualad - MEMBER - February 20, 2017, 23:09:18

Wakfu's crafting system is atrocious, to say the least.  

That said, if I were to sit down and trudge through it, I'd like to be as efficient as possible. I'm not sure how many materials I should gather of XYZ before sitting down to craft.

How do you do it? Do you just plan for one level braket at a time (60-65, for example)?

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Here is a guide for maxing weapon master/jeweller. The number of component crafts needed for each level bracket will stay the same for tailor/armorer/leather dealer etc but the materials needed for  each craft will be different. This guide is effective for lvl 40 upwards, but below that it's outdated because they've changed the recipes (and now there's a big gap of component crafts between lvl 10 and lvl 40) :

Bulk crafting the component crafts is I think the easiest way to power level a craft, and it's particularly efficient if you wait for a double XP event (entirely possible and indeed recommended to max out many many professions if you stockpile enough materials beforehand and plan things properly).

A profession always needs 1,000,000 xp to max out and the tables here show how much XP each level needs, if you want to calculate things yourself.

There's also this spreadsheet showing the craft XP for different crafts, though it might be incomplete/outdated.


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Yup, just use math to plan all your work. Sometimes you'll need to craft an equipment which you can't foresee how much exactly EXP you'll get, but that's a minor thing.

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Here are some hints i picked up while lvling professions.

-Total amount of XP per lvl is equal to Total amount of previous lvl + 200 so you can get the total amount needed from point A to point B

-Crafting components (Ingots, supports, strings etc. always gives same base amount of XP for all professions 100 or 200 i dont really remember)

-the more the ingredients, the more XP soo 1 craft could be almost a lvl (in all professions exept chef) so plan your componends ahead to save time and resources here is an example:
- - Mine helmet lvl 60 - 3 helmets are at least lvl and a half ( wit some bonuses (outpost and alma)) soo 15 - 20 helmets to get to lvl 70
- - 20 Coarse cloths - lvl 30 craft - soo you need to stack 300 - 400

-when you get a new component get 3-4 lvls only on it so when you need it you wont need to get back and loose XP (by losing i mean not getting when you should). Folowing the example with the mine helmet, if you happen to make it and you need course cloaths you wont make XP on them. So planing ahead some crafts is actually better way to go. The helmet example is really good because you can sell them for 150 - 200k (why not make some money while lvling right). Another good example for planing ahead is Whisperer ring (exactly the same scenario)

- Every recepie gives exactly the same base XP for next 10 lvls. soo if the helmet example gives, lets say 2000 XP ( i have no idea how much), it will give 2000 XP till lvl 70 (including lvl 70) and for every other lvl you lose 10% soo for example if you are 75 that recepie will give you 1000 (2000 - 50% X 2000).

- Same goes with the risk recepies: Same scenario but you are now ll 55 soo the XP will be 3000 (2000 + 50% X 2000)


-Getting seal of companionship first is always a good advice.

Thats preaty mauch the basics .... now some storage and gathering tips to save time.

- Make some chars for storage

- Dont throw anything that can be usefull (you can never know when cheep mats will pop up in market)

-Even if you have heroes, use sidekicks when gathering low lvl drops (saves time from cleaning inventories and transfering items)

-In case you have HW gather drops there (I recently found out that its alot faster there)

-In case you have high lvl gathering and low lvl crafting start another char for planting (will be extremly usefull in future and there is pleantly gathering and refinement for it to reach 100 in lumber, herbs and farms and later you just get that char full garden HB and leave it auto plant till you do something else. This advice is pure gold thrust me. I experimented with 2 chars once ... i needed lots of cawwots for chef so i conducted a test. I managed to get over 3000 cawwots for an hour ... soo i belive you can understand now how usefull it could be)

-Gathering for components .... gather 1 of the ingredients while you have a planted stock of the other, soo when the cat shows switch the resource. If you get lots of cats both resources will be in close range of each other. TBH this is only really usefull with trees, mines and fishes (but i am too lazy to explain why)

-For tree gathering make a planting layout in HB with herbs or farm plants.

With theese you need 3-4 days to get a job from 0 - 100 with bad bonuses (all exept baker and chef)

Thats preaty much it. Now just open an excel sheet and test the math. If you need more specific help add you lvls or pm me ingame

Ingame name: Shpeka

PS: excuse my bad english, if you get the idea there is no need for trolling. For all the grammer nazis out there wink


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I forgot to mention:
- take some time and make all the gathering tools you need
- arm yourself with patience wink

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