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BUM Sack??

By luxioman - MEMBER - June 14, 2014, 15:33:13
I'm wondering if you can still get Bum Sack in game and if they still work. If they do work, can you stack the +10% ore harvest, allowing me to have +30% ore harvest?

Any help is appreciated

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Yes, Yes, and Yes

Yes, you can get them in game. You need to play the game where you mine gold ores with a lot of tickets.

Yes, they work. You can tank TommyTrouble for pushing them to get fixed.

Yes, They are stackable. You will get 30% ore Harvests if you have 3 of them equipped.

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What Skai said. It's obtainable via tickets at the gold digging game (good luck with that) it stacks and it works wonders.

I have 2, and I often get 8-ore harvests. Very very nice to have, especially if you've got all the other equipment to go with it!

I wasn't alone in advocating for this to get fixed, a lot of other people spoke up, too. It's a good memory to trot out on occasion, to show the tone trolls that complaining to Ankama really can yield real results!
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Thank you for clearing this up.. Looking forward to getting 3 for myself (I know that would be a LOT of work).
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I've used hundreds and hundreds of tickets trying to get one. I guess I am unlucky but I'm going to keep trying. :@
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I would sell my 2 Bum Sacks, Asthis, if I knew who borrowed them... -,-
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I probably wouldn't be able to afford them regardless. I'm going to get a thousand tickets and see if I can get one.

Edit: Ironically, the day after my sub runs out, after being subbed for almost a year an a half, Ankama decides to cut off the Trool Fair from non subscribers, and now I can't even get more tickets. It's almost like they are trying to spite me.
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