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BUM Sack??

By luxioman - MEMBER - June 14, 2014, 15:33:13
I'm wondering if you can still get Bum Sack in game and if they still work. If they do work, can you stack the +10% ore harvest, allowing me to have +30% ore harvest?

Any help is appreciated

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Yes, Yes, and Yes

Yes, you can get them in game. You need to play the game where you mine gold ores with a lot of tickets.

Yes, they work. You can tank TommyTrouble for pushing them to get fixed.

Yes, They are stackable. You will get 30% ore Harvests if you have 3 of them equipped.

What Skai said. It's obtainable via tickets at the gold digging game (good luck with that) it stacks and it works wonders.

I have 2, and I often get 8-ore harvests. Very very nice to have, especially if you've got all the other equipment to go with it!

I wasn't alone in advocating for this to get fixed, a lot of other people spoke up, too. It's a good memory to trot out on occasion, to show the tone trolls that complaining to Ankama really can yield real results!
Thank you for clearing this up.. Looking forward to getting 3 for myself (I know that would be a LOT of work).
I've used hundreds and hundreds of tickets trying to get one. I guess I am unlucky but I'm going to keep trying. :@
I would sell my 2 Bum Sacks, Asthis, if I knew who borrowed them... -,-
I probably wouldn't be able to afford them regardless. I'm going to get a thousand tickets and see if I can get one.

Edit: Ironically, the day after my sub runs out, after being subbed for almost a year an a half, Ankama decides to cut off the Trool Fair from non subscribers, and now I can't even get more tickets. It's almost like they are trying to spite me.
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