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Harvesting so long boring ?

By Nsuidara - MEMBER - December 25, 2013, 22:11:26

I'm think Harvesting Proffesion must have revamp...

because, i'm 0lvl in start game... now 10,8lvl and
result is 77 Cuts Ash + 47 Ash Seed (here 20 seed when use ...)

Crafting need 15 plank... * 3 = 45 cuts... i first saw game were need 3 Cuts for 1 plank biggrin (funny)
result 45 cuts = Crate (but i dont know how much give exp craft)

if i good remember... system exp in craft change, exp = (all mats) but i dont know how much give one mats 100 exp ? so 15plank = 1500 ?

not bad... in 0lvl (one create) go to 5lvl

but... i think one is bad... seed (not fast ~2s ? )... gorw... (need good Climate...) and i slow (i dont know time..) and cut/harvest too loong...this point is bad
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About getting wood planks i agree it takes way longer then other harvesting resources. If you want wheat or some flowers - you pick them without destroyng the plant itself or you cut it out but replanting it takes half as much time as it does for the Tree to fully grow. Getting cutting won't kill the Tree but if you want wood then you have to get spare seed first wich means you have to reduce Tree growth by half or down to the first stage, wich will take you again more time comparing to the growth of herbs and cereals.

Getting 1 plank after cutting 3 big trees is also ridiculus and i have said that 1 year ago already, but they haven't changed anything about it.

It makes it unfair for the items that require wood logs or planks as they take twice as much time to get (if not more).
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Other bad idea is... "i have 80lvl profesion..." same time harvest 0lvl / 10lvl ...
2s in 0lvl for 0lvl mats, 2s in 80lvl for 0lvl mats... is horrible...

meybe "use item" and give +speed grow ( need this item )
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Meh, it's not that bad. I managed to get all my harvesting professions to lv. 100 on my sadida. It's just something that takes patience. If it was super exciting and easy, everyone would have lv. 100 harvests, and that would take away the hard work that others like me did to get there. I recommend doing the plant harvests first though, those you just have to plant and you get exp. Fishing is the most difficult to raise, as many of the fish require specialised hooks so it's best to stay on the easy fish harvests until you can get to another fish that doesn't require special hooks.
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Pakon makes a good point, it's suppose to be difficult to get them all up wink
I found that it's a little easier if you work on a few at a time together. I worked on herbalist, farmer and baker at the same time and got them all up fairly quickly together. My bf worked on lumberjack, miner and handyman. You can harvest/plant two proffs while waiting for one to grow/respawn and you can stock up duel mats to use in a certain crafting profession. Theres a few combinations like that which cross over well.
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When i seed/plant tree im not wait... i seed plants(herbalism or farm is i have terian) or fishing/trapper :] or someother option do...

but i hate one ... stealth i plant and end fight come one and steal all... and not plant.. :/
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