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Mining EXP curves

By Kaitenzushi November 29, 2013, 18:54:49
Hi there!

My wife recently made a remark about the EXP she's gaining from mining that made me double-take. She said "Isn't it funny how I'm making less experience points for copper than for salts?" At first I dismissed her remark, thinking she's obviously wrong. How could something of a higher level render less experience points than a lower level item?!

Well, I just witnessed it myself when she was mining in Bonta.

She's a level 65 Eniripsia, with level 35 miner skills. When she's mining she gets:

* Shadowy cobalt = 110 XP
* Bronze nugget = 110 XP
* Shard of flint = 100 XP

So for the level 25 and 30 resources she gets 110 XP, but for the one on her own level (35) she gets 100. How is this possible??

I already found another thread regarding mining XP, but that one is from 2012. $DEITY knows what Ankama has changed in the mean time.

Who can tell us what's going on?
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Did you mine these in different areas? Did you take the area bonus into account? Sometimes you get 5-10% extra harvesting XP, depending on if the clan member's wishes are satisfied :-)

- Allysen
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The 10 more is from an area bonus when clan member's wishes are satisfied. Check the upper right corner of the screen for the corresponding buffs/bonuses you have.
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Mmm, interesting point. Even in mines?

We'll investigate that some more, because the flint was in fact mined elsewhere. Good call! I didn't think that Clan bonuses would apply inside mines. We will check that!
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